August 02,2023

Don't let dampness ruin the Zen style of tatami

Industrial Drying Dehumidifier_High Temperature Tatami is a great lifestyle because it comes with a sense of leisure, relaxation, freedom, poetry, and Zen. Not only that, the storage capacity of tatami itself can also effectively improve the cramped space of small apartments

However, most tatami mats are enclosed spaces, and if left in a closed space without fresh air for a long time, the tatami mats are prone to moisture and mold inside. If it happens to be in the rainy season of summer, it is more susceptible to dampness and mold, and once the time is too long, it will produce a strange smell. The originally warm and comfortable tatami is uncomfortable due to its dampness, especially for elderly people with arthritis Why does tatami become damp

(1) Waterproofing is not done properly

When making tatami, the waterproof of the bottom plate should be done well, otherwise moisture from the floor will enter the tatami and adsorb on the mat.

(2) Non breathable

The lower layer of the tatami is for storage, so many homeowners do not have ventilation holes when customizing, resulting in moisture that has entered but cannot be emitted, and can only become increasingly damp 2. How can tatami mats prevent moisture There are also many ways to solve the problem of damp tatami mats. For example, apply moisture-proof paint on the floor and create a moisture-proof layer under the tatami floor; Add a layer of moisture-proof mat under the mat of the tatami mat; Even placing absorbent materials such as quicklime and desiccants to absorb water is not conducive to human health and even poses safety hazards

For the problem of tatami humidity, the best choice is to configure a household dehumidifier. Some people may say that using air conditioning for dehumidification is not enough, but air conditioning is only suitable for high temperature seasons such as summer, after all, air conditioning is cold air dehumidification. The household dehumidifier is used for dehumidification, which can condense the water molecules in the air into water droplets, and then discharge the treated dry air out of the dehumidifier. In this way, the indoor humidity can be kept at the appropriate humidity. The household Dehumidifier can achieve dehumidification at the corners of the room, so that the entire indoor space is kept dry and cool

The tatami life style like Zen, combined with the healthy and comfortable living environment created by the household Dehumidifier, enables people living in it to enjoy life better and feel that life is actually a work of art from the heart