February 27,2023

Ambulance dry fog disinfector, overall disinfection equipment for medical cabin in the vehicle

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Ambulance Dry Fog Disinfector, Overall Disinfection Equipment for Medical Cabin inside the Ambulance Technology Dynamic Ambulance is a common means of transportation for transferring critically ill patients. Due to the large number of patients transferred and the heavy workload, in order to avoid cross infection between patients, it is necessary to disinfect the inside and outside of the ambulance and the commonly used items in a short time

The internal space of ambulance, especially the medical cabin, as a biological pollution area with numerous microorganisms exceeding the standard, is very easy to cause infection or cross infection of patients, and also threatens the health of medical personnel. Therefore, after transporting patients, it is necessary to conduct overall cleaning and surface disinfection for the interior of the ambulance, standardize the final disinfection of the space in the cab and medical cabin, and clean the external vehicle

▲ Traditional ambulance disinfection method:

2. The cab shall be sprayed with chlorine containing disinfectant with effective chlorine concentration of 1000mg/L and then wiped with clean water. The instrument panel and GPS display screen shall be wiped with 75% ethanol. The door handle was disinfected with 75% ethanol and then wiped with clean water

3. Open the door for ventilation after the ultraviolet lamp irradiates for 30min

▲ The above is the traditional internal disinfection method of ambulance. The disadvantages of this method include:

1. It consumes a lot of time and manpower

2. It is difficult to achieve all-round disinfection without dead corners

3. There is occupational exposure risk of staff

The traditional disinfection method of ambulance can not meet the end disinfection effect to be achieved at present

Therefore, for the medical cabin in the vehicle with many instruments, all disinfection and sterilization can be completed through XD-3 ambulance dry fog disinfection machine and XD series full-automatic atomized air disinfection machine. This seemingly simple machine can adjust the amount of spraying according to the size of disinfected items. After spraying, it will automatically shut down without manual guard; The disinfectant sprayed by it is dry mist, which makes the disinfection more thorough

Only about 100ml of 3% - 8% low concentration hydrogen peroxide disinfectant solution needs to be used in the space of ordinary ambulances, and the entire medical cabin can be completely disinfected by spraying for 5min. After disinfection, the ambulance shall be fully disinfected after being sealed and kept for about 20min

The electrical appliances can provide terminal disinfection scheme and disinfection technology consultation, which can well solve the problem of overall disinfection of the medical cabin in the ambulance, as well as many problems such as long time consuming, high personnel consumption and inability to fully cover the potential disinfection area during the cleaning and disinfection of the ambulance. In the past, the traditional disinfection method required at least 40 minutes for a car to be disinfected, but now it can save more than 10 minutes. The time saved by ambulance disinfection and sterilization is closely related to the time to save the lives of patients

The XD-3 ambulance dry fog disinfector and XD series full-automatic atomized air disinfector require only one person to operate. The single hand-held, intelligent starting equipment, together with 3% - 8% low concentration hydrogen peroxide disinfectant, can cope with different complex environments of pre hospital first aid. Ambulance disinfection takes only 25 minutes to complete the entire disinfection process, providing guarantee for the final disinfection of each successful ambulance