May 15,2023

Drying type heating and dehumidification machine, auxiliary heating and powerful dehumidification

Household Dehumidifier_223 Series

Drying type temperature rise dehumidifier, In recent years,

an increasing number of new professional farmers have relied on dryers to become rich

, but many people also encounter various problems and concerns when purchasing dryers

= So much so that they lingered around

missing out on a good time to buy a dryer

Don't know how to choose a dryer Please switch to the advanced purchasing mode

To purchase a dryer, you need to understand

the main series of dryers

the workflow of the dryer

the performance parameters of the dryer

the batch processing capacity of the dryer


The issue of energy conservation and environmental protection is increasingly being valued by society

The requirements for environmental protection are becoming stricter

The PD-45GS series of drying temperature rise dehumidifiers

As a new type of energy-saving drying equipment

With safety Energy saving

High drying efficiency

Good drying quality

Advantages of high automation level

brought practical benefits to users

greatly solved

Traditional drying has uneven heat distribution

Low drying efficiency

High cost Poor quality and other issues

PD-45GS series drying type temperature rise dehumidifier

During the drying process

The drying time can be adjusted independently Temperature and humidity

can utilize the residual heat discharged from drying

for cyclic heating

Compared to traditional drying methods

, it is more conducive to the sustainable development of society

and has good economic and social benefits


We also comply with the current national energy conservation and environmental protection policies

and provide you with drying solutions

whether it is the drying of agricultural and sideline products

or the drying of industrial products and materials

Different material varieties

The corresponding drying technology solutions are also different

This requires senior technical personnel to operate according to technical regulations

The company follows customer needs

In the early stage of drying center construction

Based on the processing capacity

to provide customers with overall planning and design