July 10,2023

Hospital cold fog machine

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Hospital cold fog machine, hospital cold fog disinfection machine news information hospital terminal disinfection with what method? What kind of disinfection equipment do you choose? As an important part of hospital infection, terminal disinfection must have good disinfection effect, diffusion ability and harmless disinfection methods to make up for the shortcomings of traditional disinfection methods such as manual spraying disinfectant, ozone or ultraviolet light; LW-3000 hospital cold fog machine and LW series hospital cold fog sterilizer, together with low concentration hydrogen peroxide disinfectant, have been successfully used in hospital wards, sanatoriums, pharmaceutical clean workshops, sterile scientific laboratories and other high standard disinfection places, and have achieved excellent results and consistent good comments from users

At present, with the progress of society, more industries need more professional and ecological disinfection; In medical institutions at all levels, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and other high standard professional fields, most people use cold dry hydrogen peroxide spray to kill various types of microorganisms (viruses, bacteria and fungi). When LW-3000 hospital cold fog machine and LW series hospital cold fog disinfector and disinfectant are used, nano micron hydrogen peroxide disinfectant aerosol can quickly and effectively kill viruses and bacteria in the air, thus blocking their transmission in the air, and the sterilization range can reach every dead corner. This cold fog hydrogen peroxide disinfection method has the following characteristics:

◎ It is highly effective in sterilization (sterilization rate> 99.9999%), which is beyond the reach of traditional disinfection methods at present

◎ Integrated three-dimensional disinfection, effective sterilization and disinfection for environment, gap and surface without dead angle at 360 degrees

◎ 5-10 μ m cold and dry fog, accurate control without falling water, applicable to various materials, including highly sensitive electronic materials

◎ Fully automatic control, saving a lot of labor costs and avoiding disinfection failure caused by factors considered

◎ There is basically no corrosion, which will not cause harm to the equipment; Eco friendly, without any residue

◎ Good use experience, light and easy to move, ergonomic design

LW-3000 hospital cold fog machine and LW series hospital cold fog sterilizer have strong penetration and fast diffusion. It has the absolute advantage of quick effect and thorough sterilization for the microorganisms in the entire space environment, and can greatly save the amount of disinfectant and cost. Combined with hydrogen peroxide disinfectant, the solution can be atomized by a special spray device at a high speed with droplets of 5-10 microns or less, and quickly diffused into the air. The droplets are fine, with strong diffusion, and there is no dead corner or residue in disinfection. No need to move, a single machine can be opened for 20min to achieve full coverage disinfection of 100m3 space, so as to quickly and effectively kill viruses in the air, sterilize, remove odor, and inhibit the spread of bacteria and viruses in the air

LW-3000 hospital fog cooler, equipped with 5L liquid supply barrel, has novel shape, simple operation, convenient carrying, good atomization performance and small particle size range (ultra-low capacity). It is characterized by drug saving, quick volatilization of liquid medicine, impermeability to the surface and low corrosivity. The utility model also has the advantages of high efficiency and the sterilization effect is not affected by the humidity. Welcome to consult the details of hospital cold fog machine and hospital cold fog disinfection machine

Control mode and technical parameters of LW-3000 hospital fog cooler:

LW-3000 hospital cold fog machine and LW series hospital cold fog disinfection machine, compared with other disinfection machines with spray disinfection methods, have significant advantages of [fine atomized particles], [high atomization energy efficiency], [long suspension time], and [low energy consumption]. The box is made of stainless steel, and the surface is sprayed with plastic, which not only ensures a beautiful appearance but also meets the requirements of equipment anti-corrosion. Injecting neutral deodorant can automatically deodorize spaces such as hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, toilets, etc. Injecting neutral disinfectant can automatically disinfect rooms, and injecting tap water can automatically humidify the air in places

The diameter of fog particles produced by LW-3000 hospital cold fog machine and LW series hospital cold fog disinfector is only less than 5 μ m. The particles are uniform and can be suspended in the air for a long time. It has many uses such as air humidification, disinfection and purification, disinfection and sterilization, prevention of static electricity, reduction of dust, cooling and dust reduction, etc; It can not only carry out uniform spray disinfection in a larger space, but also carry out local spray disinfection in a special space. It has high flexibility and improves the air you and I breathe together

To sum up, nowadays, LW-3000 hospital cold fog machine and LW series hospital cold fog sterilizer can be widely used in many "end of pipe" environments in hospitals: ICU, negative pressure ward, infectious disease isolation ward, microbial laboratory, operating room, fever clinic, pathology department, laboratory, drug dispensing center, burn ward, etc

At present, LW-3000 hospital cold fog machine and LW series hospital cold fog sterilizer are also widely used in the pharmaceutical and food industries. In various environmental fields such as production and processing, experimental detection, storage and transportation, the application advantages of the cold fog machine can be better played. In addition to having very good disinfection and sterilization functions, the cold fog machine can also have many functions such as air humidification, deodorization and purification, cooling and dust reduction, freshness and moisture preservation, etc, It is more stable and safe to use. It is naturally widely used in the food and drug industries, plays an important role in the transportation of various cold chain foods, and brings better use advantages and performance standards! All the above reports about the hospital cold fog machine and hospital cold fog disinfection machine are provided by Zhengdao Electric for your reference and study only