Industrial Dehumidifier is the best way to solve the problem of drug production

How to stop the process of deteriorating drug quality during production How to minimize equipment idle time and reduce maintenance costs to the greatest extent How to improve long-term storage and ext...
Household Dehumidifier_PD11 Series

Household Dehumidifier_PD11 Series

How to stop the process of deteriorating drug quality during production How to minimize equipment idle time and reduce maintenance costs to the greatest extent How to improve long-term storage and extend the shelf life of drugs

In order to achieve all these goals, during the production and storage of products, control the workshop environment in the best humidity range

Uncontrolled humidity during production and storage can cause the following problems:

Condensation water forms on the surfaces of production equipment (cooling) and facilities.

During pneumatic conveying, hygroscopic products will condense and stick together During the coating process, the tablets adhere to each other (which increases the amount of waste) The productivity is low when drying hard and soft capsules Loss of active components (drying at high temperature) Develop mold and bacteria on products in production and storage facilities Adhesion between packaging materials and products Production equipment frequently stops maintenance Faults in electronic and electrical systems The bearing structure of buildings is rapidly deteriorating

The best way to solve these problems is to remove excess moisture through the desiccant method during drug production and storage.

. This is a more stable air drying method that ensures the optimal humidity level of the product at low temperatures. It can prevent the development of bacteria and their spread through ventilation systems

These problems in generation can be solved by parkoo dehumidifier

PARKOO dehumidifier has the advantages of high drying efficiency under low energy consumption Efficient operation at low temperatures Easy installation Small size and light weight The possibility of fully automated humidity control processes. It is possible to connect a humidity regulator Corrosion resistant body (stainless steel, aluminum zinc) Comply with national quality standards

PARKOO Dehumidifier, a dehumidifier manufacturer in China, has an advantage in many industries, and has produced the most advanced equipment used to effectively control the air humidity during drug production and storage The use of desiccants in production and storage facilities can maintain recommended relative humidity and necessary airflow conditions, thereby accelerating the production process For example, in the production of tablets and the drying process of coated or granulated products, if the humidity level is controlled to 2.2g/kg by the desiccant method, the drying time will be reduced by 50%

Installation and application of PARKOO Dehumidifier

Reduce the amount of waste in production; Sensitive to hot products, dried to the necessary moisture content without deterioration or damage; No loss of volatile substances and active ingredients Prevent the product from sticking to the conveyor belt Solve pre packaging and packaging issues Prevent mold Reduce idle time caused by equipment downtime during operation Extend the storage time of finished products Save energy Improve productivity and reduce maintenance costs

How does the runner Dehumidifier work Air (processed air) passes through the desiccant rotor. Water molecules are adsorbed in a special silicone rotor

The runner Dehumidifier is regenerated by the second airflow preheated to 90-140 ° C. Moisture is removed from the house in the form of moist hot air


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