May 20,2023

Rotary dehumidifier for milk powder filling workshop, rotary dehumidifier for powder workshop

Rotary dehumidifier in milk powder filling workshop, technical dynamic of rotary dehumidifier in powder workshop Milk powder production process: raw milk acceptance, pretreatment, standardization - homogenization - heat treatment - vacuum concentration - spray drying - cooling - screening - packaging - warehousing

Milk powder is a dry product that needs to be stored in a dry and cool place. The same applies to the workshop where milk powder is made, as milk powder has high environmental temperature and humidity requirements

The national temperature and humidity requirements for milk powder workshops have relevant requirements in GB 23790-2010 "Good Production Practice for Powdered Infant Formula Food in National Food Safety Standards":

Bare powder processes that come into contact with the air environment (such as pre mixing and packaging, ingredients, and feeding) must be carried out in the cleaning operation area.

. The temperature and relative humidity in the cleaning operation area should be suitable for the production process of powdered infant formula food. When there are no special requirements, the temperature should not exceed 25 ℃ and the relative humidity should be below 65% RH. Only then can we ensure that the production and packaging process of milk powder is not affected by the air environment

Milk powder packaging is the last step in milk powder production. Powdered milk powder cannot directly come into contact with damp air. Once in contact with milk powder, it is easy to get damp. For powdered milk powder that is prone to moisture, it is susceptible to moisture damage in the air during the packaging process, resulting in serious consequences such as product clumping, decreased quality, and shortened warranty period.

For the conveying equipment of milk powder, if the powder is damp, it will not only block the conveying equipment, but also increase the maintenance and cleaning costs of the equipment, reducing production efficiency.

In order to solve the above problems in the existing milk powder filling workshop, Electric has developed an energy-saving rotary dehumidifier unit - ZDL-2000 powder workshop rotary dehumidifier and ZDL series industrial rotary dehumidifier. It can dehumidify the fresh air in the system, improve the humidity status of the workshop, and also control the environmental humidity in the workshop. The humidity can be accurate to ± 1% RH, ensuring product quality and improving production efficiency, To ensure production safety and economic benefits for enterprises

ZDL-2000 powder workshop rotary dehumidifier and ZDL series industrial rotary dehumidifier are not only used in the milk powder industry, but also in pharmaceutical storage, low-temperature cold storage, blood bank neutrality, chemical, pharmaceutical workshops, military, laboratories, ship maintenance and other places. They have the advantages of good dehumidification effect, simple results, stable operation, and convenient maintenance

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