May 15,2023

Home mounted central dehumidifier, eliminating indoor humidity

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Home mounted central dehumidifier, indoor humidity no longer exists

Technical updates

In March of the spring, Resurrection of Everything

With it comes the terrifying

[Returning to the Southern Sky]

Continuous overcast and rainy days

Floor that cannot be dragged dry

Clothes that cannot be dried

Is there any good way to reduce the "moisture" around you

【 Close Window and Door 】

Simple and rough, keep moisture out of the door! Ventilation and breathability are useless when there is humidity both indoors and outdoors

[dehumidification Tool]

dehumidification box, dehumidification bag, hanging dehumidification bag, where it's damp! But remember to replace it, otherwise it will have no effect

[Drying Method]

Make good use of the washing machine drying mode, you can choose to purchase a clothes dryer directly; Don't air too densely at once. If it's not enough, use a magic dryer

All of these methods can only minimize moisture.

How can we keep the interior dry and comfortable?

  _ D hoisting central dehumidifier

Ceiling mounted installation, which neither occupies ground space nor affects the effect of indoor decoration, but also achieves dehumidification

A machine can control multiple rooms, provide comprehensive and three-dimensional dehumidification, and cover the entire house without dead spots, effectively reducing the growth of mold and other bacteria

Whirlwind type air supply device, dehumidifying, clothes can be dried indoors without worrying about not enough clothes, economical and practical

Adopting duct noise technology, even when resting at night, you can enjoy endless refreshing and healthy "stillness"

Intelligent control, 24-hour real-time humidity monitoring, and setting humidity once as needed to ensure a dry home for 365 days

One set_ D hoisting central dehumidifier

Completely solves the problem of humidity

Create a comfortable and dry home

Protect the health of the whole family