June 19,2023

Express parcel disinfection machine, conveyor belt spray disinfection device

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Technical trends of express parcel sterilizer and conveyor belt spray disinfection device According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the most common virus is transmitted through respiratory droplets. Generally, these viruses have poor viability on the surface, so the risk of transmission after several days of transportation is relatively low when they are attached to express packages at room temperature, but there is still a considerable risk

It is true that viruses may attach to express packages, but the survival rate of most viruses is very low. Inter provincial express packages need to be transported for 2-5 days, so the possibility of transmission is very small. However, infection is not ruled out, but there is no need to worry too much. But even so, it is recommended that everyone wash their hands frequently and disinfect more

Facing the huge pressure of disinfection of express packages, we want to ensure the safety of each package, The relevant staff said: "It takes time and energy to disinfect by manual spraying alone. The efficiency is very low, and the disinfection is uneven. After using the intelligent atomization disinfection device, the efficiency has been greatly improved. In addition, the atomized disinfection particles are easier to spread and stay in the space, with stronger disinfection ability and shorter time. In addition, the traditional disinfection water spraying may wet the express bill."

In addition to manual disinfection, some express companies now have advanced intelligent spray disinfection equipment -- XS-40 intelligent express parcel disinfection machine and_ Automatic atomized air disinfector can work 24 hours without interruption. After the machine is started, it will carry out spray disinfection on each express delivery through the automatic transmission belt in the local automatic spray disinfection machine, achieving 360 degree all-round sterilization and disinfection effect without dead corners. The disinfection time of each express delivery package is 5-15 seconds, and the pipeline operation means that the sterilization and disinfection can be carried out immediately. The sterilization effect is good

Intelligent spray disinfection equipment -- XS-40 intelligent express parcel disinfection machine and_ The full-automatic atomized air disinfector can be installed on the transmission equipment, and can freely dispense disinfection agents. Then, the fog making host can produce 1-10 micron fine fog particles. The dense water mist can be rapidly distributed in the air, and 360 degree full coverage on the surface of the goods. It can quickly wrap bacteria and viruses, making them inactive, so as to reduce the spread of bacteria

This move not only greatly improves the disinfection efficiency, but also avoids parts that cannot be wiped under the daily disinfection mode, or express packages that are easily wetted by local spraying of disinfectant, making express packages received by online shoppers safer. All the above contents about express parcel sterilizer and conveyor belt spray disinfection device are provided by Mashima Electric, for your reference only