July 15,2023

Condensation mist eliminator

Industry  Dehumidifier_PDGT Series

Condensation mist eliminator, high-efficiency condensation mist eliminator, and steam removal device technology trends. In some factories or enterprises, during production, a large amount of steam and water mist will accumulate in the boiler steam or cooking equipment workshop, resulting in a humid and foggy atmosphere in the workshop, creating a vast expanse of white; Not only will it affect the work efficiency and safety of employees, but it will also make the working environment worse and cause serious air pollution

Especially when the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, if these vapors and water mist are not removed in a timely manner, once encountering cold air, they will condense into water droplets on the ground, walls, and ceiling, occasionally dripping onto employees, machine equipment, and products, causing frequent machine equipment failures and decreased product quality! In such a situation, a boiler steam or cooking equipment workshop filled with steam and water mist must handle the workshop steam and water mist in a timely manner. So what are the good methods

In the past, some factories or enterprises encountered the problem of excess steam and water mist in the workshop that needed to be discharged in industrial production. The general method adopted was to use exhaust fans or exhaust fans to directly or connect them to the air duct to exhaust them from the outdoor air; But when steam and water mist are discharged, the boiler steam or thermal energy in the cooking equipment workshop is also discharged together; And when encountering too much steam or water mist, the effect achieved by this method is not very good, it is still a vast expanse of mist and a waste of electricity

In fact, for some factories or enterprises that have good sealing or cannot directly exhaust steam outdoors, the corresponding PD-300D high-efficiency condensing mist eliminator and PD series lifting steam condensing mist eliminator can be used in the steaming or baking workshop during production, and placed near the source of steam and water mist generation or areas with severe accumulation.

, It can be quickly and effectively removed, making the workshop environment dry and comfortable; This method is easy to install, fast and effective, and also energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It has been adopted by more and more factories or enterprises, and has achieved very good results

Application case specific explanation: A steaming and boiling pot workshop in a certain factory has an area of about 500 square meters, and a steaming and boiling pot workshop with a height of 4 meters is filled with steam boilers. During this processing, a large amount of water vapor is generated, which permeates the entire workshop environment; For this reason, I am calling to inquire about a solution for electrical appliances; Based on the actual situation of the above workshop, it is recommended that the electrical appliance install two PD-300D high-efficiency condensing mist eliminators in the workshop, and promptly remove any steam generated during the production process

Core Reminder: Currently, no one in the market has found that there are more effective, suitable, and cost-effective products to solve the problem of excessive steam and water mist in the workshop than using PD-300D high-efficiency condensing mist eliminator and PD series lifting steam condensing mist eliminator, especially in food processing factories or production workshops of enterprises or enterprises; Methods such as air conditioning, electric fans, exhaust fans, or ducted exhaust fans are all on the sidelines

All the technical developments related to condensation mist eliminators and high-efficiency condensation mist and steam removal devices mentioned above are provided by Mashima Electric Appliances. The introduction is about how to quickly solve the specific options for factory water vapor and water mist. You can choose multiple solutions to carry out specific mist and steam removal work in large factories. When selecting a specific solution, it is necessary to make a specific selection based on the actual situation, in order to choose the most suitable demisting and steam removal solution for your own factory