The impact of temperature and humidity in the living environment on human senses

People are unable to get rid of appropriate temperature and humidity in both outdoor and indoor activities, but often both are the most common and health environmental indicators are most easily overl...
People are unable to get rid of appropriate temperature and humidity in both outdoor and indoor activities, but often both are the most common and health environmental indicators are most easily overlooked. In particular, children, the elderly, people with respiratory diseases such as rhinitis and asthma should maintain scientific indoor temperature and humidity. More importantly, ensuring their health

The impact of temperature and humidity in the living environment on human senses

18-20 ℃ is the best indoor temperature and humidity

Indoor temperature and health

1. Temperature and human life are not reasonable, and people are exploring and creating The highest temperature in various fields of life (1) A temperature of 8-15 ℃ can prevent grain damage

(2) 35-38 ℃ (38 ℃) is the highest temperature for entering the bath water. This temperature is different from body temperature (3) Use the optimal temperature before going to bed at 40 ℃ 45 ℃ (45 ℃). This is because warm water can allow the brain to rest and expand the blood vessels of the family and land (4) At 7-80 ℃, the best water in tea leaves is tea soaked in warm water, with both color and aroma What is the best indoor temperature? 1820 ℃, which is basically the average temperature in spring in northern China, has the idiom of warmth and spring atmosphere. If the indoor temperature is high or the optimal room temperature, people will cover their hands with ice, have low work efficiency, sweat will fall, and their hair will be messy. The main content of the indoor environment is to create and maintain the optimal temperature of the actual situation by all means 2. Chen Wen Measures: Indoor insulation stores and outdoor Korean machines are used for insulation purposes

(1) The smaller the heat coefficient outside the building, the more appropriate building structure and materials will be selected (2) The 10 loss deficiencies can mainly improve the insulation and sealing of doors and windows (3) Adjust the actual temperature through greening

(4) Mechanical warming extract: heating, greenhouse effect, air conditioning, storm, electricity, Electric blanket and other general heating appliances

3. Temperature measures: Ordinary insulated residential buildings, things above single hot springs, in addition to this, there are also cases of temperature drop (1) Install mechanical temperature such as air conditioning and electric fans: for example, install air conditioning and electric fans. The advantages are fast effect, hardness, and physical discomfort (2) Open the window for good ventilation, with limited water and other effects, but few natural effects (3) Greening can also cool down. The indoor cooling effect of Viridiplantae such as climbing plants planted along the wall is unexpected. In addition, residents living on the top floor often worry about the heat from the sun on their roofs in summer. If possible, they can plant soil and flowers on the roofs, which can be used for gardening and cooling, killing two birds with one stone. The number of idle urban roof areas in China is amazing, and the potential of Roof garden is great (4) Reduce the solar radiation of materials. For semi mines, there are naturally smooth materials, and the surface of buildings can reflect the radiation of the sun. This method is adjusted according to seasonal changes. Otherwise, the reflective material in winter will warm up, becoming a drawback of reflection

Indoor Humidity and Health

Air Humidity Display. The relative humidity density of air and the effect of steam on steam density refer to the percentage value of the most comfortable relative humidity for the human body, which is 49-51%. If the relative humidity is too low, too high, or too high, it will cause the human body to adapt or not adapt, which is harmful

The harm of high or low humidity to physical health

(1) In winter in northern China, air conditioning, heating, and usage are important. Indoor air, indoor relative humidity, and the impact on lost cities. Especially in residential heating, the most common room temperature is high, with a relative humidity below 10%. In such an environment, respiratory diseases and the nose can be easily felt in the mouth, lips, nose, and nose. The respiratory tract, lungs, and the same network of waste hair are covered with thin hair due to the mucous membrane. When the relative humidity is below 40%, the cilia move slowly. It is prone to sticking to the mucous membrane, causing irritation, coughing, respiratory diseases, and "A" in the cause In addition, the relative humidity is low and the human skin loses water. A large amount of human skin elasticity decreases, exacerbating anger, and rough bark cells to some extent eliminate the phenomenon of decreased skin resistance. We women from the south. It is soft. Smooth, mainly due to the high relative humidity in the south (2) High relative humidity is harmful to health. 28 degrees, with a relative humidity of 90% to 34 degrees, people can feel the temperature. The humidity is high, the water vapor content in the air is high, the volume is small, and it increases human excretion. It is difficult for a large amount of sweat to evaporate, Your body temperature cannot cool down, you must feel the heat. Doors. Moreover, high relative humidity, bacteria, viruses, and providing good material conditions can cause inconvenience in drying clothes, blankets, and other items

(3) If you look at the Hygrometer in our own home or office, it is very small (in fact, the market is not a good way for indoor Hygrometer). Many humidity issues in the environment are caused by our comprehensive understanding of the causes, which varies greatly. Indoor ambient humidity. The importance of temperature in human health will decrease If the humidity is too low, the loss of wood and furniture, deformation of the wooden floor, and damage caused by dampness and heat can be claimed for high humidity instruments such as pianos and violins. Cultural heritage, documents, and books will be crisp and varied. High relative humidity, indoor furniture, clothing, carpets, fabrics in the mold, rust, electronic parts, carpets, wallpaper, human body electrostatic phenomenon will occur__ Fire

(4) According to the relevant research on indoor environment, the attack situation is as follows

Living environment: 40~75%, father is easy to get old

The most favorable condition, treatment, indoor environment: father is easy to get old when he is 40~55 years old

Cultural heritage storage environment: 40-65%, father Laoyi

Computer and communication equipment storage environment: 45-60%, father Laoyi

Cotton textile health: 40-60%, father Laoyi

Dairy products: 50-60%, father Laoyi loan

Candy, cookies, snacks, Dad Easy to Store 50-60%:

Vegetables and Fruits: Fathers aged 50-70 are older and easier to store

Food preservation: Father Lao Yi, 50~70 years old

The traditional method of humidifying surimi to meet the standard humidity is obviously not enough than adding about more wet waste. It is impossible for us to choose manual humidification. Of course, I have a cold in the south, so I must choose a function or air conditioning dehumidifier Especially in new homes in the past two years, when the temperature and humidity are too high, the speed of using hidden formaldehyde for interior decoration or furniture may be reasonable. The indoor temperature and humidity are the most important factors that we maintain for human health Reasonable temperature and humidity are the most important for maintaining health