May 27,2023

Hypochloric acid atomization disinfection machine, hypochloric acid disinfectant atomization device

Some common respiratory diseases and some infectious diseases, such as SARS, pneumonia, tuberculosis, influenza, measles, mumps, rubella and other diseases, can be spread through the air

01. Indoor Air Disinfection Methods

The commonly used indoor air disinfection methods mainly include physical and chemical methods. The commonly used physical method is ultraviolet disinfection lamp disinfection, but ultraviolet disinfection lamp can cause conjunctivitis, keratitis, and tearing in the eyes, and long-term use may cause cataracts. So, when using ultraviolet disinfection lamps, try not to have anyone in the room

Chemical methods commonly use air spray and fumigation. Common chemical disinfectants include chlorine containing disinfectants, peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide, etc. When using chemical disinfectants to disinfect the air, especially during closed fumigation disinfection, people should not stay indoors. Although chlorine containing disinfectants can disinfect the air, they are also required to be used in an unmanned state

02. Feasibility of using hypochlorite water as an air disinfectant

"GB/T36758-2018 Hygienic Requirements for Chlorinated Disinfectants" clearly states that hypochlorite water can be used for air disinfection, as follows:

hypochlorite disinfectant is suitable for general surfaces of medical and health institutions, public places, and households, as well as medical devices.

The disinfection of medical waste, food and beverage utensils, fabrics, and water is also suitable for the treatment of various pollutants in epidemic areas, and is not suitable for the disinfection of indoor air, hands, skin, and mucous membranes

In addition to the above purposes, hypochlorite disinfectants can also be used for disinfection of air, secondary water supply equipment and facilities, hands, skin, and mucous membranes.

03. New Method of Air Disinfection

Spraying hypochlorite disinfectant in the air can effectively remove microorganisms in the air, and can also be combined with an atomizer to maximize its effectiveness_ Hypochloric acid atomization disinfection machine and XD series fully automatic atomization air disinfection machine may be the answer you need

More suitable equipment (hypochlorite atomization disinfection machine)+safer disinfectant (hypochlorite disinfectant)=healthier air; High efficiency ultrasonic atomization core technology can atomize disinfectant into ultra small and ultra dry mist particles. Increase indoor air circulation and improve disinfection speed in unit spaces

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