July 14,2023

Industrial warehouse constant temperature dehumidifier, fast dehumidification method for large warehouses

Rotary Dehumidifier_BA Series

Industrial warehouse constant temperature dehumidifiers, rapid dehumidification methods for large warehouses, and technological trends. Regardless of what goods or materials are stored in the warehouse, humidity control is a very important aspect of daily management work. During the long-term storage process, significant changes in environmental humidity within the warehouse can have a significant impact and harm on its storage quality and safety

When the temperature and humidity exceed a certain range, the physical and chemical properties of goods or materials will change, affecting their function and efficacy, such as grain pests and mold, mechanical metal corrosion, poor performance, reduced strength, and so on. In the past, many people have wasted a lot of manpower, material resources, and electricity by using methods such as charcoal, lime, and installing exhaust fans; As a result, the goods in the warehouse should still be damp, and ultimately they were

Warehouse moisture prevention is actually not that difficult. Mastering this good method - using_ The industrial warehouse constant temperature dehumidifier and the PD series intelligent humidity control dehumidifier make it easy for everyone to handle the moisture-proof work of the warehouse. This is also a very easy to master warehouse moisture-proof measure. We hope that everyone can use the same method in practical work to provide a relatively dry and suitable humidity storage environment for various goods or materials

It is well known that during June and July, most parts of the southern region experience a long period of rainy, humid, and hot days, commonly known as the "plum rain". At this time, the humidity is high, which can cause many adverse effects and significant economic losses to the production, storage, and other aspects of many factories or enterprises

A foreign trade company's warehouse is storing several million yuan worth of precious Chinese medicinal materials for export and transportation. Due to negligence in ventilation and sun exposure of the inventory of medicinal materials, all of them have become moldy and deteriorated. A grain warehouse in a certain area was also damaged due to ventilation facilities and poor management, resulting in thousands of tons of grain turning into yellow mold cakes. As for the various types of food, cigarettes, electrical equipment, furniture and clothing that are lost due to mold every year, there are countless

During the storage process of various goods or materials in the warehouse, the main factor that has the greatest impact on their quality, safety, and other aspects is the humidity of the warehouse environment; In the daily management work of warehouses, humid or excessively humid air is an important cause of deterioration of various goods or materials, such as the deliquescence of tablets and drugs, moldy growth of grains, cotton, traditional Chinese medicine, paper, cigarettes, etc., and rust of metals, all of which are related to humid or excessively humid ambient air Therefore, it is crucial to ensure proper moisture-proof and dehumidification in the daily management of the warehouse; So, according to the actual situation of the warehouse, configure the corresponding_ It is necessary to control the humidity in the warehouse below 60% RH by using industrial warehouse constant temperature dehumidifiers and PD series intelligent humidity control dehumidifiers for dehumidification