The moisture-proof skill of returning to Nantian not only includes Dehumidifier

Spring in Guangdong is too wet. Every spring, almost every spring is wet, and air can fall out of the water. The water is wet everywhere, and the tiles condense into water droplets. This is what we of...
Industry  Dehumidifier_CFT Series

Industry Dehumidifier_CFT Series

Spring in Guangdong is too wet. Every spring, almost every spring is wet, and air can fall out of the water. The water is wet everywhere, and the tiles condense into water droplets. This is what we often say 'return to the south'. So what does returning to the southern sky mean? What are the skills for returning to the south

What does returning to the southern sky mean Returning to the south is a weather reversal phenomenon, usually occurring in the spring of February and March. It is mainly due to the rapid counterattack of warm and humid air flow after the cold air travels, resulting in an increase in temperature and high air humidity. Some cold objects are prone to producing water B when facing warm and humid air. EADS The phenomenon of returning to the southern sky is relatively serious, especially in the Guangdong region, which is related to the humid ocean and air. When the "Southern Return" appears, the air is almost saturated with air, and the walls and even the ground are filled with "water". Everywhere was a damp scene, and the air seemed to be able to be drawn out of the water. Thick fog is the most distinctive appearance of 'Return from the South'

Two. What are the anti tidal techniques for returning to Nantian

Close the doors and windows when returning to the south:

When the wet "rear south" comes in, you must remember to close the windows, especially those in the south and southeast, and not give any chance to slip into the windows outside.

. The most important time for moisture-proof is every morning and evening. The air humidity during these two periods is higher than that in the afternoon. If doors and windows are not closed in a timely manner, water vapor will permeate every corner of the home. In addition, if you close doors and windows to keep the indoor air dry, it is recommended to ventilate at noon

Return to the south and light candles:

Candlelight will prevent water vapor from condensing, thereby reducing indoor humidity.

. If your home has mold, you can choose a natural plant essential oil candle that can dry the air and reduce the odor in the room

Damp proof tips for returning to the southern sky: Hot water and salt wet floors

This method can evaporate water.

. After mopping the floor, place some cardboard boxes or newspapers on the door to reduce the moisture content of the sole

Damp proof tips for returning to Nantian: Newspapers

To prevent opening doors and windows, it is also a good practice to lay newspapers on the floor.

. Old newspapers should be spread more than two layers on the floor of the table, especially in doorways and other relatively damp areas, so the room has a good moisture-proof effect

Damp proof techniques: dehumidifier

You must have heard of Dehumidifier or dehumidifier case. Go to the supermarket to buy some Dehumidifier and put them in every corner of the home and in places with wet air. They can effectively absorb water vapor. Remember to replace them in time

Damp proof technique: Blow the north wind

Open the doors and windows when the north wind turns.

. More than 80% of this is due to cold air moving south. If the weather forecast says that the cold air is heading south, the local wind direction will turn north, which can ensure ventilation

Damp proof tips: Lime absorbs moisture

The bathroom and bathroom also have a small space. You can also poke a few holes in the laundry bag, use laundry detergent to absorb moisture, and use it again, which is both economical and practical

Damp proof technique: using equipment

Dehumidifier is the most effective method for dehumidification. Now PARKOO Guangdong Dehumidifier can not only play a good role in dehumidification, but also bring some dry clothes and air purification functions in the market. Effectively control indoor humidity, control comfortable and dry humidity, and eliminate indoor mold odor. Long dry clothes are placed in front of the Dehumidifier for a period of time, and the moisture will be removed soon


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