August 25,2023

Advantages of using wireless Data logger for humidity control research

Rotary Dehumidifier_BA Series

This paper involves the temperature mapping research of pharmaceutical industry warehouse, refrigerator, truck, Cooler, etc. As explained in other pages of our drawing research, this program collects temperature and humidity data for a period of time. We can use regular data recorders or wireless data recorders for data collection. Please read more about comparing the two methods

Use normal Data logger to study temperature humidity Data logger to learn temperature mapping

Generally, most companies use conventional temperature and humidity Data logger with internal memory. They collect data within a specified time frame, such as 14 days in the pharmacy warehouse. At the end of 14 days, they downloaded the data and checked the tour. Since these temperature and humidity Data logger are cheap, this is the most economical method

However, the disadvantage is that we only think about browsing a few weeks after completing data collection. After collecting data, it may take several weeks to analyze the data and notify browsing. During this process, the optimal processing time was lost

Mapping research using wireless Data logger

Under the above background, we will explain the method of temperature mapping research and identification using wireless data recorder. In both cases, the whole process of placing the Data logger and collecting data is the same. However, in this case, we will place a wireless Data logger. Because they do not require a separate power supply, it is best to use radio frequency based wireless sensors. We will have many wireless sensors (transmitters) and a small number of receivers. We must place wireless sensors throughout the entire area, just as we did with ordinary data recorders. We must connect several receivers to receive data from all these sensors

The main advantage of using the wireless Data logger system is that we can analyze the data while the test is in progress. We can program alerts to generate email or SMS alerts if the temperature exceeds the allowed limit. We can view data through local servers and through the internet. Temperature surveying companies can remotely monitor data through the internet and immediately propose any corrective measures. Sometimes corrective measures can be as simple as changing the temperature setting of a thermostat Therefore, customers will be confident in the results during the research process. However, this method is more expensive than using ordinary Data logger, because wireless Data logger are expensive. Moreover, more time is needed to configure these Data logger before the research starts