July 07,2023

High temperature and humidity weather is coming, and the cooling dehumidifier is showing its strength

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When the hot and humid weather comes, the cooling and dehumidifying machine shows its skills

As the saying goes: After the Xiaoman, the midsummer is coming, and the hot and humid summer is coming quietly

It was previously recommended that a set of full heat exchange fresh air purification dehumidifier be installed as a good way to deal with the "muggy and humid" indoor environment

So, what equipment can be used to improve the current situation of high temperature and humidity in large industrial plants, workshops, logistics warehouses and other places

For example, in the drying workshop of wood furniture factory and the processing workshop of dried noodles and other foods, the environment and the items themselves will generate moisture, water on the ground and dew on the wall,

Due to the production requirements, the space is closed and the air humidity is high. In the high temperature environment in winter, it is wet and cold, which greatly affects the production efficiency

In a large area of industrial environment, there are a lot of equipment available to improve the high temperature and humidity conditions, which can be selected according to your temperature and humidity regulation needs:

№ 01. Cooling dehumidifier - dehumidification+refrigeration

The cooling dehumidifier is an additional cooling function based on the dehumidification function.

It can reduce the air temperature, improve the state of high humidity and high temperature, and reach the ideal environmental temperature and humidity standard while reducing the environmental humidity

№ 02. Temperature regulating dehumidifier - dehumidification+heating+refrigeration

Compared with the cooling dehumidifier, the temperature regulating dehumidifier has the cooling function,

It can better control the temperature, and is applicable to the environment where the temperature needs to be controlled at a constant value

At the same time, the equipment can realize cooling and dehumidification function in hot and humid summer weather; In the cold and wet winter weather,

It can realize heating and dehumidification function; It can be said that the machine can meet your annual temperature and humidity processing needs

№ 03. Constant temperature and humidity machine - humidification+dehumidification+heating+refrigeration

The constant temperature and humidity machine precisely controls the ambient temperature and humidity. It is suitable for places with strict requirements on temperature and humidity standards, such as wine cellars and precision instrument workshops

Humidification when air is dry, dehumidification when air is wet, refrigeration and cooling when air temperature is high, heating and heating when air temperature is low,

The temperature and humidity are always constant for 365 days a year, which can be said to be a real worry and effort saving

Electric appliances focus on the R&D and production of various temperature and humidity regulation equipment, and have rich experience in supplying non-standard customized equipment. Welcome friends in need to come to consult

The above information about the high temperature and humidity weather is coming. All the contents of the cooling dehumidifier are provided by Mashima Electric, for your reference only