August 27,2023

Application of Industrial Explosion proof Dehumidifier in the Worst Environment

Industry  Dehumidifier_PDGT Series

industrial dehumidifier are usually placed in the most demanding environment. Continuous exposure to corrosive elements in the atmosphere, such as hydrogen sulfide, sulfuric acid, hydrogen chloride and other chlorine containing pollutants (including brine) will cause serious damage to most dehumidifier coils. In addition, if these pollutants are allowed to enter the on-site structure of your facility, they can quickly start destroying sensitive equipment and cause work interruptions

High concentrations of corrosive particles are found in many applications:

water and wastewater treatment facilities

pulp and Paper mill

oil refineries

chemical and petrochemical plants

steel plants, especially pickling areas

coastal or offshore facilities, including offshore Oil platform

Fortunately, we provide solutions to this harsh working environment problem

Over the years, we have been lucky enough to provide environmental control equipment in specific system companies for various applications in various industries such as commercial bakeries and water treatment, from food processing to Streaming television broadcasting. Each project has unique challenges and customization needs. Even if two buildings in the same project may require different subsets of options. Meeting these challenges prompts us to develop solutions that combine common options for application types and use these options, using these pre configured systems as the basis for starting customization We have the ability to provide services for industries and applications nationwide and even globally. We understand the needs of many industries and work with engineers every day to ensure the development of specifications that comply with statutory and regulatory requirements We continue to strive to provide the highest quality hazardous area dehumidification equipment, while recognizing that our optional equipment and modular design allow the system to be used in many environments we never anticipated From landslides, collapses to explosions, the mining industry has many of the most potentially dangerous environments in any industry. Extracting resources from the ground can create extremely dusty environments. In many cases, fine powder can be collected in the area around buildings and electrical equipment enclosures. Care must be taken to ensure that these small particles enter buildings and equipment. Our dehumidifier equipment can help you ensure that the safety requirements for surface installation are met, and improve the service life of expensive components through corrosion resistance