July 13,2023

Fresh food distribution platform spray humidifier, the secret of fresh food preservation for distribution enterprises

Drying Dehumidifier_CGF Series

Fresh food distribution platform spray humidifier, secret technology of fresh food preservation of distribution enterprises. When it comes to fresh food preservation of fresh food distribution platform, the common methods in practice are nothing more than low temperature preservation, humidification preservation and inert gas preservation. Low temperature preservation has a wide range of uses and has been used for a long time. We will not introduce it again. Inert gas preservation is generally used in large insurance warehouses and is a commonly used preservation method in regional wholesale markets. And humidification preservation is an emerging category in recent years

Common fresh-keeping spray humidification equipment for vegetables on fresh distribution platform--_ And ZS-20 series fresh spray humidifiers belong to the ultrasonic category of spray humidifiers. This category of spray humidifiers has the characteristics of high efficiency, small equipment, low noise, and basically does not need special installation, which is very suitable for commercial environment

Many users said that your fresh spray humidifier is good, but it is expensive. Yes, good things are really expensive, because a small fresh-keeping spray humidifier has to be certified since its birth. The manufacturer's standards and quality control process must be certified. The terminal price will naturally be higher when the cost of personnel and materials is added up

If a good product has a good price, Apple and Huawei will be more expensive. So ZTE Xiaomi can also consider it, right. In the fresh food distribution platform fresh spray humidification equipment industry for many years, we deeply understand that many users want to buy fresh spray humidification equipment at the least price

On the occasion of May Day Labor Day, present two particularly popular models to each friend. We hope that many friends who used to want to buy devices but were afraid of price can install them before May Day, so that your store not only sells fresh products well during this May Day period, but also makes customers feel fresh and fun. With more customers and good looks, profits will naturally increase

This time, the two special models need to connect the tap water pipe as the water source. The machine has a variety of working modes, which can be continuous spray, interval spray or spray according to the indoor humidity conditions. The models can be divided into different levels of 3~36kg according to the amount of spray per hour; It is a very economical and practical spray humidification equipment for fresh food preservation