June 15,2023

Disinfection machine for pre hospital ambulance, disinfection equipment for ambulance disinfection center

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Technical trends of disinfection equipment for pre hospital ambulance disinfectors and ambulance washing and disinfection centers 120 ambulance (ambulance) is an important vehicle commonly used to transport patients with metastatic diseases. It usually transports a variety of patients. The airtight compartment of the ambulance has relatively poor ventilation, so if the patients are not disinfected and ventilated in time after transportation, it is very easy to cause cross infection between patients and threaten the health of medical staff; When the transfer task is completed, carry out a thorough terminal disinfection, and do a good job of terminal disinfection of the space inside the vehicle and cleaning of the external vehicle

Especially in the current epidemic period, ambulances transporting suspected and confirmed patients with novel coronavirus should, in principle, be specially used for preventive disinfection to prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases. For this reason, the cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, etc. of the 120 ambulance (ambulance) is an indispensable part of the daily work of the emergency station or emergency center, and there should be no carelessness. Today, I would like to introduce how the regular ambulance disinfection is carried out

How should ambulances be disinfected? How to ensure the effective disinfection of ambulances? The Management Specification for Disinfection of Emergency Vehicles clearly stipulates that the air and material surface in the medical cabin need to be disinfected at the same time. The traditional ambulance disinfection method is a disinfection and sterilization method by manually wiping the chlorine containing disinfectant with both hands and irradiating it with ultraviolet light, which not only takes a long time, but also is easy to have disinfection dead corners

At present, the disinfection methods for the air in ambulance are:

(1) 3~5% hydrogen peroxide solution (20mL/m ³) Aerosol spray disinfection, open windows for ventilation after 60min; If conditions permit, hydrogen peroxide vaporization/atomization sterilizer can be configured for space disinfection, and the use shall be in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions


As the saying goes, "If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools.". In addition to the conventional provision of advanced first-aid equipment, first-aid kits for internal and external medicine and corresponding first-aid medicines, the ambulance is also equipped with disinfection equipment required for vehicle disinfection in special periods. Disinfection and isolation is an important part of daily prevention and control. Due to the high frequency of ambulance use, cleaning and disinfection of the ambulance is a health guarantee for medical staff and patients

Electrical appliances have different disinfection product series and special supporting equipment for ambulances. They have different response plans and measures for different complex environments of pre hospital first aid. Ordinary ambulances can complete the entire disinfection process in only 30 minutes

For the ambulance compartment, hydrogen peroxide spray method - XD-3 ambulance disinfection machine and XD series full-automatic atomized air disinfection machine+low concentration 3~5% hydrogen peroxide solution (20mL/m ³) Conduct aerosol spray disinfection; The diameter of atomized hydrogen peroxide sprayed by the equipment is 1-5 microns, invisible to the naked eye, and can be dispersed to every corner through irregular movement. After 30 minutes of action, open the window or air conditioner for ventilation. A disinfection process only takes one hour, which is the fastest and best disinfection method in the existing disinfection methods

When using XD-3 ambulance disinfection machine and XD series full-automatic atomized air disinfection machine for disinfection and sterilization in the ambulance disinfection center, hydrogen peroxide spray disinfection is simpler than the disinfection method of wiping with chlorine containing disinfectant. The equipment only needs one person to operate. Click to start the equipment. An ambulance can complete it in about 3min, saving a lot of time

In addition, since no water drops will be formed, there is no need to dry after disinfection, saving a lot of manpower; It solves many problems such as long time consumption, high personnel consumption, and inability to fully cover the potential disinfection area during ambulance transfer of patients. All the above contents about the disinfection machine of the pre hospital ambulance and the disinfection equipment of the ambulance washing and disinfection center are provided by Zhengdao Electric, for your reference only