August 22,2023

6 Intelligent Solutions for Reducing Indoor Air Pollution

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The causes and countermeasures of indoor air pollution in households

Worried about indoor air quality at home? Reducing indoor air pollution is as simple as regular cleaning and remains above the daily maintenance of the HVAC system

Do you cough, sneeze, or gasp Impurities in indoor air at home may emphasize allergies or even diseases. You can benefit from these intelligent solutions to reduce indoor air pollution. Make you comfortable and comfortable at home

Take the following steps to improve indoor air quality:

Regular maintenance

One of the first things most homeowners overlook is the lack of regular maintenance.

. To avoid excessive maintenance or replacement of expensive air conditioning and heating devices, please maintain daily maintenance and inspection. Some air conditioning units cannot operate at their best capacity without removing dust and debris from the pipes and filters. In addition, you can identify problems as soon as possible and extend the service life of the HVAC device

Regular cleaning

Surprisingly, your HVAC system may become dirty. When your air conditioning or stove is constantly running, it may accumulate in just a few months. We suggest that you clean the air conditioning or heating unit filter every four to six weeks (or every other month) to avoid indoor air pollution and impurities

If you have a pet, you may want to schedule daily cleaning. Regular cleaning of air conditioning and heating filters, as well as pipelines, can prevent any unnecessary dust, dirt, and mold from escaping into the air

Improving ventilation

An almost invisible problem is the unqualified ventilation system.

. This issue not only causes your HVAC system to overwork due to a lack of air circulation, but may also indicate larger problems lurking below the ground. Blocked air ducts, holes, or gaps in the ventilation system may allow unnecessary debris, dust, and moisture to accumulate inside HVAC devices, leading to indoor air pollution

Controlling humidity

A major problem living in the south is handling all moisture. The southern region is a humid and rainy place, posing a threat to indoor air quality. Why? Because dampness can cause more mold, odor, and respiratory problems, which are caused by insufficient indoor air quality. If you want to improve these issues, then you need to maintain an appropriate moisture content

Using natural cleaning agents

Sometimes, our cleaning of houses can ultimately become the root cause of indoor air pollution.

. Do you know that many grocery stores carry "green" cleaning products and prohibit various chemicals in household cleaning products? This is because common household cleaners contain chemicals and toxins that have been proven to be harmful to the human body

Add indoor plants

Indoor plants breathe fresh air.

. Fresh oxygen can be provided to your home by merging household plants. Not only that, many house plants even filter the air. Plants such as aloe, banyan, gerbera daisy, and lily have air filtration characteristics, which can remove chemicals in indoor air, such as formaldehyde, alcohol, benzene, smoke, Trichloroethylene and other Carcinogen