Application of Dryers in Bamboo Products

When it comes to bamboo, many of us associate it with the panda after all, bamboo is its favorite. However, the connection between bamboo and us doesnt just stop at it being food for pandas

When it comes to bamboo, many of us associate it with the panda; after all, bamboo is its favorite. However, the connection between bamboo and us doesn't just stop at it being food for pandas, bamboo also plays a huge role in our daily lives.

Before the emergence of plastic products on a large scale, bamboo products are everywhere in the countryside, every family has bamboo dustpan, bamboo sieve, bamboo baskets and other agricultural tools, but also bamboo chairs, bamboo beds, bamboo stools and other furniture. Although there are fewer bamboo farm tools nowadays, there are still a lot of bamboo furniture, at least summer mats are available in almost every house. In addition to bamboo farming tools and furniture, bamboo is now widely used for chopsticks because of its short growing period, two or three years of bamboo can be used to make bamboo chopsticks. In addition, young bamboo is used to make paper, bamboo paper is expensive, and it is a special paper for traditional calligraphy or painting, which is more economically beneficial.

Application of Dryers in Bamboo Products

Drying of bamboo, bamboo slices and bamboo strips is a very important process in the production of bamboo products. In the past, bamboo, bamboo pieces, bamboo strips are usually placed in the sun, but if it rains, it has to be put away in a hurry, consuming a lot of labor. In case of continuous rain, the bamboo material will also become moldy. After all, bamboo possesses certain nutrition and microorganisms are interested in bamboo. Once the bamboo is moldy, then it becomes easy to break, resulting in the quality of bamboo products, especially handicrafts, not sell at a high price.

The traditional drying technology process is too backward, labor-intensive, low productivity and small output. Even if there is the use of hot air furnace and other drying equipment to carry out, not only resource consumption, waste of manpower, and will release a large number of exhaust gas, pollution of the environment.

With the development of bamboo products with the diversification of bamboo products, bamboo processing equipment requirements are getting higher and higher, many companies have also chosen the PARKOOTEC drying dehumidifier. PARKOO drying dehumidifier, not only drying fast, safe and environmentally friendly, and bamboo heat uniformity, good drying quality. In the past, the hot and humid air in the drying room was forced to be discharged outward through the fan, but such a practice discharges the indoor heat outward with it. PARKOO drying dehumidifier, in the drying process, can quickly remove the moisture in the drying room, in the whole drying process of the humidity in the drying room for effective control, so as to speed up the drying speed, and effectively improve the utilization rate of the drying room and the drying quality of bamboo.