September 03,2023

Dehumidifier helps enterprises create stable and sanitary production conditions

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Most candy products do not respond well to humidity. If the production conditions fluctuate too much, the raw materials may clump together, causing the product to become sticky, leading to humidity issues related to hygiene and packaging

Uncontrolled humidity affects product quality, shelf life, and consumer experience, affecting operating costs and reducing profit margins

Stable humidity ensures better production conditions and better hygiene

Humidity challenges in candy production

Candy products have a huge world market, but when they reach consumers, they must be in good and stable condition.

. Poor quality can quickly lead to a decrease in profits and damage brand value.

When manufacturing candy products, ingredients and final products are easily affected by air humidity. Many ingredients have hygroscopicity, and uncontrolled humidity has a negative impact on every stage of candy production, packaging, and storage. Humidity causes components to gather together - leading to production interruptions, mechanical and pipeline blockages - and encourages problematic bacterial growth and resulting hygiene issues

Most candy products require specific relative humidity (and temperature), and it is difficult to achieve and maintain these through simple ventilation and uncontrolled external air

Preventive measures - solving problems

The air conditions around the world vary greatly and vary depending on the weather and season.

. PARKOO dehumidifier technology provides you with effective end-to-end control of air conditions in a specific candy production environment, so you can maintain consistent product quality that meets the standards, which is critical to commercial success

During production, storage, and transportation, you can protect raw materials and finished products by effectively managing the specifications of the surrounding air

PARKOO provides energy-saving dehumidification solutions suitable for specific parts of your production equipment - from storage areas to production areas, from packaging production lines to subsequent storage and transportation.