May 25,2023

Which type of disinfection machine is good for hospitals to choose- Hospital hydrogen peroxide space disinfection machine

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Which type of disinfection machine is good for hospitals to choose? It is known that spray disinfection with hydrogen peroxide can be used for indoor air disinfection in the Technical Specifications for Disinfection of Medical Institutions. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), which decomposes into oxygen and water, does not cause secondary pollution to the environment. It is a clean and green chemical disinfectant and is currently widely used in various disinfection scenarios

When hydrogen peroxide disinfection, as the most ideal final disinfection method, is being increasingly mentioned, a large number of hydrogen peroxide disinfection machines have emerged like mushrooms after rain. Of course, the quality of equipment produced by different manufacturers is also uneven, leading to a significant discount in disinfection effectiveness

Five aspects that medical institutions should pay attention to when choosing hydrogen peroxide disinfection machines

The effectiveness of disinfection is directly related to the safety of patients seeking medical treatment and the safety of the working environment for medical personnel.

. So, how should hospitals make the right choice when facing the diverse types of hydrogen peroxide disinfection machines on the market? Experts point out that selecting a hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine should consider the following aspects:

1. The sterilization effect of the disinfectant

2. Size of atomized particles

3. Convenience of disinfection machine

4. The length of disinfection operation time

5. Personnel safety and device compatibility

Medical institutions' disinfection measures are crucial, and selecting appropriate disinfectant and disinfection methods is very important_ The hospital hydrogen peroxide space disinfection machine and XD series dry mist hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine, paired with low concentration hydrogen peroxide disinfectant, are suitable for disinfection of object surfaces, indoor air, skin wounds, and corrosion-resistant medical devices. The final decomposition products are oxygen and water, which have little irritation to environmental items and personnel after disinfection and are not polluting the environment. After disinfection, daily life can be carried out for 30 minutes, It can achieve the effect of final disinfection. Therefore, medical institutions are a very good choice for final disinfection

Air disinfection is an essential step. Air is the carrier of many diseases, and microbial contamination of indoor air and object surfaces is one of the important factors causing hospital infections, seriously threatening the physical health of hospital staff and medical personnel. Indoor air disinfection is an important measure to effectively block the spread of respiratory viruses

It can be used during space disinfection and sterilization work in hospitals, clinics, and other medical institutions_ The hospital hydrogen peroxide space disinfection machine and XD series dry mist hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine only need to place the equipment in the cleaned fever clinic, ward, CT room, and other departments. Then set the disinfection time, seal the room, and use it after personnel exit. The disinfection process will automatically continue until the end. After completion, hydrogen peroxide will decompose into water and oxygen, leaving no residue in the environment. Personnel can enter harmlessly, achieving rapid environmental reuse