How to prevent humidity in the basement- Control the humidity inside the house

For many reasons, humidity in the basement is an issue. The damp basement smells uncomfortable, but it can also easily cause mold and fungal growth, leading to health problems. Damp basements are also...
Rotary Dehumidifier_BA Series

Rotary Dehumidifier_BA Series

For many reasons, humidity in the basement is an issue. The damp basement smells uncomfortable, but it can also easily cause mold and fungal growth, leading to health problems. Damp basements are also more prone to decay and structural damage. Reducing and preventing basement humidity depends on the source of humidity. The humidity inside may come from groundwater or rainwater, moisture inside the house, and condensation caused by temperature differences

Method 1: Control the humidity inside the house

Repair leaks around the house. Pipeline problems and leaks are one of the most common sources of indoor humidity in basements. Leaking pipes, fixtures, toilets, and other pipes may cause water in the house to drip into the basement, resulting in damp and humid areas The signs of pipeline leakage that cause moisture in the basement include water stains and damp spots on the ceiling of the basement

Check for invisible leaks, check your water meter reading, and do not use water in the house for 2 hours. Check the reading again after 2 hours. If there is a change, you need to deal with the leak You can solve simple repair problems yourself, such as replacing leaking gaskets, securing toilets, or tightening loose joints. For larger tasks, or if you do not have much experience in pipeline maintenance, please call a professional to repair the leak Use exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen. Steam from hot showers, bathtubs, and cooking can also increase the humidity of the basement and the entire house. When taking a shower, be sure to run the exhaust fan in the bathroom and in the kitchen during cooking You can also cover the pot with a lid while cooking and reduce steam by cooling the shower and bathtub If you do not have a fan, please open the window while showering or cooking

Install the dryer vent. Your Clothes dryer produces a lot of moisture, because wet clothes will evaporate when they are dry. To prevent moisture from entering the basement directly, ventilation openings should be installed if necessary to directly discharge the dryer outdoors This is likely to require professional work, as you must cut into the frame of the house to install the vents. This job may cost approximately $200 Regularly check the hoses and hoses for cracks and holes that may cause leakage. If signs of wear are found, replace the hoses or hoses

Seal leakage in your pipeline system. If there is a leak that allows for the leakage of moist air, the pipes carrying warm air around the house will also generate moisture in the basement. If you suspect a leak in the pipeline system, please call an HVAC expert for inspection and repair

Turn off the humidifier. Many people use humidifiers around houses to make the air more comfortable, but if you have already encountered moisture problems in the basement, it can cause problems. To reduce humidity, do not use a humidifier inside the house, especially in the basement To reduce air drying in the house, please turn off the temperature of the stove

Use parkoo dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air. dehumidifier is not a permanent solution to basement humidity, but it can remove excess humidity when solving the problem

Place the Dehumidifier in the dirtiest place in the basement and turn it on. Depending on the size of the basement and the capacity of the equipment, you may need 2 Dehumidifier Whenever it becomes full, empty the dehumidifier reservoir and usually replace it every 2 days. This will prevent leaks and keep the equipment working properly

Use a Hygrometer to measure humidity. The Hygrometer is a device for measuring moisture in the air. You can purchase it in most homes and hardware stores. The ideal humidity level in the basement is below 50%. Anything over 80% is problematic because mold and mold will reproduce at that time When the humidity level begins to rise, use a dehumidifier to control humidity when solving the problem


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