May 23,2023

Sweet potato drying machine, integrated equipment for drying and dehumidifying sweet potato

Rotary Dehumidifier_BA Series

Sweet potato dry dryer, sweet potato dry drying and dehumidification integrated equipment technology dynamic sweet potato, commonly known as sweet potato, is a root and stem type of crop. Like kudzu root, yam, and potatoes, this type of root and stem has high starch content, different organizational structure and flower leaf type, and different drying processes. During the drying process, it is necessary to pay attention to the balance of dehydration and drying, so that the sweet potato can be dried evenly. This can achieve the ideal appearance and taste quality, and effectively retain the medicinal ingredients

The traditional dry drying of sweet potatoes is mostly done by sun exposure or coal roasting. However, due to its low efficiency, it is easy to cause mold. Many processing workshops use sulfur fumigation to prevent mold from happening. From the appearance, the color of sweet potatoes smoked by sulfur turns white, and the original texture of sweet potatoes cannot be seen. Although sulfur fumigation can prevent mold and spoilage, it can cause food pollution and ultimately affect human health

Currently, using the PD-45GS sweet potato dryer and the PD series heating, drying, and dehumidification integrated machine to dry sweet potatoes can achieve sulfur-free production. Although the dried sweet potatoes do not look as good as those smoked with sulfur, they can retain the original nutrients and taste of sweet potatoes, and do not contain sulfur, which will not affect human health

Before a dryer, most sweet potatoes were dried in the sun. However, drying in the sun depends on the weather, and temperature and humidity are difficult to control, making it impossible to guarantee the quality of sweet potato. And most of them use natural air drying to breed mosquitoes, and some illegal processors even use insecticides to reduce pest damage, which cannot guarantee food safety

The emergence of PD-45GS sweet potato dryer and PD series heating, drying, and dehumidification integrated machine can dry sweet potatoes, and the drying process has low energy consumption, which helps to reduce operating costs. The temperature and humidity of drying can be automatically controlled with high accuracy, effectively avoiding the phenomenon of drying not dry or over drying, reducing labor intensity, and reducing operating costs

During the drying process of sweet potatoes, different temperatures are required for baking at different stages. In the early drying stage, high-temperature drying is required to quickly remove moisture. The dryer uses high-precision digital sensors, which can accurately detect temperature and humidity values. At the same time, different parameter data (functional mode, temperature parameters, humidity parameters, etc.) can be set, and the hot air circulation in the baking room is uniform, From then on, the drying quality is unified