February 16,2023

Mobile port quarantine shelter hydrogen peroxide dry fog sterilizer

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It is well known that the technical trends of hydrogen peroxide dry fog disinfector in the mobile port quarantine shelter have been effectively controlled; However, the epidemic situation in foreign countries is becoming more and more serious, and "external prevention input, internal prevention rebound" is still the most important epidemic prevention and control task at this stage; With the increasing number of crew members on international voyage ships changing shifts, the health quarantine work of port customs for the crew members on board and off has continued to increase. At the same time, due to weather, ship space, human resources and other conditions, as well as long-term high-intensity work, there may be safety risks during ship boarding

In order to better prevent the risk of imported epidemic diseases from abroad and optimize the customs quarantine screening, customs across the country have begun to equip mobile quarantine shelters at ports, airports, stations and other ports; It has the function of convenient installation and movement, so that the quarantine shelter can be quickly moved to where it is needed by trailer traction to complete the nucleic acid detection task; With the help of this quarantine shelter, customs officers can quickly complete the quarantine work of entry crew on the shore, improve the efficiency of port quarantine, and provide a more safe, reliable and convenient biological security barrier for epidemic prevention and control at the port

Then, which terminal disinfection system is used for this mobile quarantine shelter? To fight against new viruses, high-level disinfection or sterilization is required. Disinfection of the environmental space, air and surface of quarantine shelter is the main way to effectively cut off and eliminate the contact and transmission of air and surface. For the sterilization of equipment, tools and air in the quarantine shelter, experts recommend using hydrogen peroxide disinfectant products, which is a new type of safe, efficient and broad-spectrum disinfectant without drug resistance; It can effectively kill mold and mold spores, with fast and strong effect, and can kill all microorganisms, so it is widely used

With the proposal of these requirements and guidance, the direction is pointed out for finding disinfectants and disinfection equipment suitable for mobile quarantine shelter space disinfection_ Hydrogen peroxide dry fog disinfection machine and XD series mobile hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine+low concentration and high efficiency hydrogen peroxide disinfectant, which has obvious advantages such as [intelligent disinfection], [large amount of spray], [fine fog particles] and [simple operation], can atomize hydrogen peroxide disinfectant into 1-5 micron atomized particles, making all hydrogen peroxide disinfectants" Gone with the Wind; In the air, 360 ° spray disinfection without dead angle can wrap more viruses and germs and kill them by oxidation

And there is no need to connect the water pipe, just add the low concentration and high efficiency hydrogen peroxide with good ratio into the pure water bucket (18.9L) and put it on the host as the liquid supply, which can move freely for spray disinfection. It is a new generation of energy-saving, efficient, clean and sanitary air disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, and dust reduction and cooling equipment. Welcome to consult the details of the hydrogen peroxide dry fog sterilizer for the mobile port quarantine shelter

  _ Atomization amount and control mode of hydrogen peroxide dry fog sterilizer and XD series mobile hydrogen peroxide sterilizer:

  _ The portable hydrogen peroxide aerosol intelligent disinfection machine is a new type of multi-purpose spray disinfection instrument. It uses a dual cyclone airflow atomizing nozzle and medicine bottles to form a spraying part, an electric centrifugal fan and a base to form a power part, and a corrugated hose to connect the spraying part with the power part. The utility model has the advantages of novel shape, simple operation, convenient carrying, good atomization performance and small particle spectrum range (ultra-low capacity). It is characterized by drug saving, quick volatilization of liquid medicine, impermeability to the surface and low corrosivity. Also has the sterilization effect not affected by humidity, high efficiency characteristics

  _ Technical indicators of portable hydrogen peroxide aerosol intelligent disinfector:

Note:_ Portable hydrogen peroxide aerosol intelligent sterilizer and XD series hydrogen peroxide dry fog sterilizer do not have disinfection and sterilization functions. The sterilization effectiveness depends on all disinfectants. Different disinfectants are used for different applications and different sterilization needs. The size of atomized particles is conducive to the diffusion and retention of disinfectants in space. It is this principle that can suspend the liquid disinfectant in space to achieve the purpose of disinfection of space, air and object surface

  _ Series hydrogen peroxide dry fog sterilizer and_ The scope of application of the portable hydrogen peroxide aerosol intelligent disinfection machine: it is mainly used for indoor air and surface disinfection and sterilization by air soluble spray in medical and health epidemic prevention departments. It is used for disinfection, sterilization and pest killing in schools, kindergartens, station docks, airports, customs epidemic prevention departments and other public places. It is applicable to disinfection and sterilization of hospital wards, outpatient departments and operating rooms at all levels; It is used for disinfection, sterilization and pest killing of hotels, hotel rooms, toilets, kitchens and restaurants at all levels

It can also be used for disinfection, sterilization, insecticidal and deodorization of passenger cars, trains, ships, aircraft and other transportation vehicles. It is used to kill insects and sterilize vegetables, flowers, greenhouses and greenhouses; Used for epidemic prevention and disinfection of chicken farms, pig farms and various animal farms; The ultra-low volume preparation liquid can be used to kill pests; Spray deodorant to eliminate indoor odor; Spray water for indoor air humidification, dust reduction, etc

To sum up, in the past, the customs health quarantine officers at various land, port and air ports needed to carry out epidemiological investigation, sample collection and other work in the cabin when they boarded the ship. Generally, the ship was a confined space, which could only be ventilated by opening doors and windows. With the advent of the hot summer season, customs quarantine faced greater difficulties and security risks. The movable quarantine shelter is equipped with independent air supply and exhaust systems in each functional area, which can complete ventilation within 3 minutes and achieve the final disinfection of the whole cabin. If necessary, the shelter can be moved and put into use after landing; It is not only applicable to land, port and air ports with different passenger numbers, but also widely used in medical institutions, isolated observation points and other places

The disinfection system is very important for this portable port quarantine shelter_ Series hydrogen peroxide dry fog sterilizer and_ The portable hydrogen peroxide aerosol intelligent disinfector can independently disinfect each functional area, and can conduct the final disinfection of the whole cabin. Now it has been widely used in the disinfection and sterilization of various medical and health shelters, such as operation shelter, first aid shelter, X-ray diagnosis shelter, clinical examination shelter, disinfection and sterilization shelter, medical equipment shelter, technical support shelter, etc; All the above relevant knowledge about hydrogen peroxide dry fog disinfector in the movable port quarantine shelter is provided by Parkoo Electric, for your reference only