January 01,2023

Humidifier for acid drain tank, special humidifying equipment for meat acid drain tank

Rotary Dehumidifier_BA Series

The humidifier of the acid drain tank, and the special humidification equipment for the meat acid drain tank News: Now, in supermarkets in major cities across the country, you can see a kind of acid drain meat, and the price is higher than that of ordinary meat; Generally, the price of sour meat is about 20%~30% higher than that of ordinary meat, but it is still more and more popular. This is because the sour meat has the advantages of soft meat, good cooked and perishable, delicate taste, delicious taste, etc; So, what is the sour pork? Acid discharging meat is the abbreviation of "cooled acid discharging meat", also called "cold fresh meat", "cooled meat" and "acid discharging refrigerated meat"

How is the sour meat produced? After the cattle, sheep and pigs passing the quarantine inspection are slaughtered, they will be sent into the cold storage at 0-4 ℃. Under certain temperature, humidity and wind speed, the lactic acid in the meat will be decomposed into carbon dioxide, water and alcohol; At the same time, the macromolecule adenosine triphosphate in the cell is decomposed into the flavor substance glycoside IMP (the main component of monosodium glutamate) under the action of enzyme; After being fully decomposed, stiff and acid removing, the acid removing meat looks moist, feels soft and elastic, tastes delicious, tastes smooth and tender, and has less juice loss and high nutritional value

The production and processing of acid discharging meat must go through multiple strict processes. The acid discharging process must be completed by placing the meat in an acid discharging warehouse where the temperature is strictly controlled between 0-4 ℃, the wind speed is controlled between 0~3 m/s, and the relative humidity is not less than 80% RH for 8-24 hours. Generally speaking, the temperature and wind speed of the acid discharge tank can be easily reached and controlled; However, the relative humidity is constantly changing in the process of cooling and acid discharging, and can be reduced to below 70% RH, which will not only have a great impact on the quality of acid discharging meat

Moreover, as the relative humidity of the air decreases, the water in the fresh meat will continuously evaporate. The lower the humidity is, the faster the evaporation will be, and the greater the weight loss will be! Therefore, it is necessary to use effective means to improve the relative humidity, that is, to install the corresponding humidifying amount or number in the acid discharge tank_ The humidifier of the acid drain tank and ZS series high humidity resistant spray humidifier can atomize water to replenish the air continuously through the principle of ultrasonic atomization, so as to improve the relative humidity in the acid drain tank and reduce the evaporation of water in fresh meat

_ For humidifiers of other humidification methods, the humidifiers of acid discharge tank and ZS series high humidity resistant spray humidifiers have the obvious advantages of [fine atomized particles], [low energy consumption], [high atomization energy efficiency] and [fast humidification speed]; With air humidification, purification, anti-static, cooling, dust and other purposes; It can not only uniformly humidify large space, but also compensate local humidity in special space, with high flexibility

Welcome to inquire about the humidifier of the acid drain tank and the special humidification equipment for the meat acid drain tank! There are many types of humidifiers, and different brands of humidifiers have different prices and applications. Parkoo Electric will provide you with comprehensive after-sales service and high-quality solutions

_ Control mode of humidifier for acid discharge silo and ZS series high humidity resistant spray humidifier, Technical parameters:

Model (manual)







Model (automatic)







Humidification (kg/h)







Fog outlet (mm)





3 * 110

4 * 110

power supply (v/hz)



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power (w)







Dimensions (cm)

53 * 25 * 40

53 * 25 * 40

63 * 32 * 48

63 * 32 * 48

65 * 40 * 36

65 * 40 * 36

Note: The humidification amount is 32kg/h (1750w) 48kg/h (2100w) and other models can be customized according to customer needs

◎ Calculation formula: H=volume ×ρ× temperature coefficient × (X2-X1)÷1000 × Ventilation rate × Description of loss coefficient formula: H - required humidification (kg/h) ρ- Air density (kg/m3)=1.2, V - volume (area of humidification site × Height), 1000-g converted into Kg, loss coefficient - 1.2 (including personnel, environmental sealing effect, materials and other factors), air change frequency - usually 2-3 times, temperature number system - 1.2 (increase in winter, decrease in summer by 1.2 or lower), X2 - X1 - moisture weight per cubic meter of air, i.e. absolute humidity (X2 is after humidification, X1 is before humidification)

◎ Model selection reference: there are many factors to be considered in the selection of humidifiers, such as the volume of indoor space, ambient temperature, equipment heat, ventilation, and air conditioning exhaust, which will affect the humidity of the indoor environment and the humidification effect. In general, a certain margin should be left when calculating the humidification amount, that is, the corresponding humidification amount should be increased, Moreover, the required humidification amount and corresponding humidifier model in the space shall be comprehensively calculated from the lowest humidity state to the most ideal humidity range

Core tips; The quality of humidity control is related to the economic benefits of meat processing plants or enterprises. Therefore, the corresponding humidifying capacity or number of units shall be added in the acid discharge tank_ The humidifier of the acid drain tank and ZS series high humidity resistant spray humidifier are used for scientific and reasonable humidification to keep the relative humidity in the acid drain tank within the most appropriate range, which is one of the effective measures to improve the quality and weight of the acid drain meat

At present, there are indeed many types of humidifiers in the domestic market, but there are few humidifiers suitable for such low temperature and high humidity environments as cold storages and acid discharge storages, which are also prone to failure and even cannot operate normally; And_ The humidifier of the acid discharge tank and ZS series high humidity resistant spray humidifier, power supply, fan and main electrical accessories are all IP68 waterproof, and more importantly, the humidity sensor with high humidity resistance is used, which can fully meet the humidification requirements of this low temperature and high humidity environment; All the above news about the humidifier of the acid drain tank and the special humidification equipment for the meat acid drain tank are provided by Mashima Electric