Making Flavored Pumpkin Seeds in PARKOO High Temperature Dryers

Halloween is just around the corner, and when it comes to Halloween, there is no doubt that pumpkins come to mind. This is because pumpkin lights are the iconic symbol of celebrating Halloween. When w...
Industry  Dehumidifier_CF 6.8

Industry Dehumidifier_CF 6.8

Halloween is just around the corner, and when it comes to Halloween, there is no doubt that pumpkins come to mind. This is because pumpkin lights are the iconic symbol of celebrating Halloween. When we talk about pumpkins, then we can't not mention pumpkin seeds as well. Pumpkin seeds, Chinese medicine name. Cucurbitaceae pumpkin plant pumpkin seeds. Mainly produced in Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hebei, Shandong, widely distributed throughout the whole of China. Autumn picking mature fruit, take out the seeds, wash and dry or use the dryer drying made. Dry mature seeds, flat ellipsoid, slightly pointed at one end, yellowish-white in appearance, slightly angular at the edge, about 1.2 to 2 cm long, 0.7 to 1.2 cm wide, with a shaggy surface and more edges. The seed coat is thicker, and the umbilicus is located at the pointed end; when the seed coat is removed, the green endosperm can be seen, and there are two yellow fat cotyledons inside. The cotyledons contain fatty oil, and the radicle is small. Aromatic, slightly sweet taste. Dry, full grain, yellow-white shell is preferred. Natural sun drying is the traditional method, subject to the constraints of natural conditions, low production efficiency. Batch production of flavor pumpkin seeds, you can choose the dryer for artificial drying, the main steps are as follows: 1, sorting. Screening pumpkin seeds, remove broken seeds, seeds soil and other impurities, selected particles full, uniform size, color and lustre is basically the same, no mold, rot and other defects of the melon seeds. 2, hot iron to wax. Selected pumpkin seeds will be immersed in boiling water to cook for about 30 minutes, put into the food blender to add 2-3 times the quality of water, stirring at 450 rpm for 10 minutes to remove the surface of the mucous membrane and clean and placed in the transit area standby. 3、Cooking. Take the pumpkin seeds after removing the film, add salt, sugar, citric acid, brine into the cooking pot, add twice the mass of water, cooking until flavored and drained. 4, drying. Cooked and drained pumpkin seeds into the shelf car tray, turn on the dryer, adjust the drying temperature time, until the melon seeds are easy to stoned, outside the dry inside wet and then take out. 5, fried. Put the dried pumpkin seeds into the wok containing fine sand, stir fry at a high temperature of 160 degrees Celsius until the seeds are crispy and easy to knock. 6, spraying coloring re-drying. With a spray bottle evenly sprayed by the flavor and anthocyanin and other modulation of the mixture. After spraying aroma again using the dryer for re-drying. 7, the dried pumpkin seeds, manually pick off impurities, empty shells, broken shells, open seeds and other quality inspection and packaging into storage. It can be seen, pumpkin seeds in the drying process also need to control the temperature and humidity of different links, so the need for an intelligent dryer. Choose PARKOO high temperature dryer, its advantages include: 1, stable performance, easy to operate in practice; 2, microcomputer intelligent control, equipped with temperature-resistant oversized 7-inch touch color screen, the operating status and the main parameters at any time monitoring; 3, drying dehumidification integration, high-precision control of temperature and humidity, to ensure that the pumpkin seeds are no longer anti-moisture; 4、With power failure memory function, realize intelligent management; 5, the system itself with self-test function, fault alarm and display processing instructions.


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