June 30,2023

Furniture, white billet, dehumidifier, thermostatic dehumidifier, water-based paint, drying room, heating dehumidifier

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Furniture white billet dehumidifier room constant temperature dehumidifier water-based paint drying room temperature rise dehumidifier technology dynamic In order to ensure that the products produced are delivered to consumers without quality problems such as deformation and cracking, and to ensure that the paint film of the products produced on the site is really dry in wet weather, easy to polish and not sticky back and other undesirable phenomena, the furniture manufacturer should take heating and dehumidification measures for the products produced to ensure product quality

2, scope of application: applicable to the white billet dehumidification room (128m ²)、 Primer drying room (128m ²)、 Finishing paint drying room (128m ²)。

3. Scheme comparison:

3.1 Install a general boiling water boiler with a hot water circulating radiator for heating and dehumidification

3.2 Large pressure boiler equipped with steam radiator shall be installed for heating and dehumidification

3.3 Install a large sealed hot water circulating pipe heat transfer device for heating and dehumidification

3.4 Installation of professional electric heating single dehumidifier--_ Intelligent constant temperature dehumidifier and PD-45GS heating drying dehumidifier

3.5 Through comparison, the installation project of 3.1/3.2/3.3 is relatively complicated, among which the approval formalities for pressure boilers are difficult to pass, and the installation costs of these three dehumidification functional equipment are very high, with each type more than 100000 yuan, and some more than 400000 yuan. 3.4 Compared with the first three, the installation is simple, the professional dehumidification performance is very good, and the cost is low, which is more consistent with the actual situation of the factory

4. Feasibility proposal:

4.2 To sum up, the scheme of 3.4 is applied to install professional electric heating monomer dehumidifier, 4 sets of which are provided by electrical appliances_ The intelligent constant temperature dehumidifier is used for white billet dehumidification and primer drying room, and two PD-45GS heating, drying and dehumidification integrated machines are used for auxiliary heating, dehumidification and humidity control in the finish paint drying room