February 25,2023

Biological DSD intelligent machine Public toilet intelligent biological deodorization equipment

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It is well known that the public toilets and toilets are a place for harboring dirt and dirt, and a hotbed for breeding bacteria and viruses. Even if the surface looks clean and tidy, in fact, invisible health threats always exist

The trash can in the public toilet does not have a lid, because it needs to collect all kinds of waste, especially harbors dirt and is surrounded by bacteria, viruses and molds every day, thus polluting the indoor environment. In addition, because of the sanitary demand of clean toilet surface, the ground is frequently wet, and many harmful bacteria such as intestinal bacteria breed, and the bacteria multiply rapidly, so the health demand of respiratory environment in public toilets is the top priority

Public toilets distributed throughout the city are full of people coming and going every day; In such an environment, the breeding of bacteria and the change of odor are easy to occur; It is difficult to solve these problems even if it is a practical cleaning frequency. Therefore, the efficient and lasting deodorization solution for electrical public toilets has played a vital role

Pure natural plant deodorant passes through the equipment--_ The low temperature and high frequency atomization technology of the intelligent biological deodorizer in public toilets makes it atomize into extremely fine water mist particles. Its effective molecules can quickly absorb odor molecules in the air, changing its three-dimensional structure, and through a series of fast and complex physical and chemical reactions, generate non-toxic, harmless and tasteless molecules, water, inorganic salts, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating odor, bacteriostasis, smoke removal and PM2.5 sedimentation, Unique effect and no secondary pollution

From the source to the comprehensive treatment of deodorization of the air in the toilet, the treatment effect of lasting control of odor and peculiar smell can be achieved; In addition to scenic spots, this scheme is also widely used in the control of toilet environment odor in hotels, properties, shopping malls, exhibition halls and other public places, which has solved the problem of environmental odor that has been bothering customers for a long time and won high praise from customers

Use_ When the intelligent biological deodorizer is used in public toilets, it is only necessary to gently press the "Start" button for one setting to achieve full automatic operation, without the need for special personnel to watch and repeatedly switch on and off the machine. Fresh, clean and safe air began to circulate throughout the space. 360 ° no dead angle covers the whole space, forming a large circulation type air treatment in the house, which can be said to achieve the "escort" effect in terms of respiratory health

If you live, work or study in a large space, it doesn't matter. Whether it is a large space or a small space, electrical appliances can provide you with lasting "escort". It is widely used in tourist attractions, urban public toilets, schools, hospitals, highway service areas, high-speed railway stations, airports, shopping centers and other public places, to fully meet the needs of consumers for deodorization and bacteriostasis in various scenes, and also to help people establish a correct new concept of green environmental protection