May 29,2023

Twisting workshop humidifier, a twisting workshop humidification system

Household Dehumidifier_PD08 Series

Twisting workshop humidifier, a type of twisting workshop humidification system technology. Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the continuous progress of textile industry technology, better fabrics have emerged. The quality and efficiency of textiles are generally affected by the relative humidity of the workshop air, which requires people to choose appropriate humidification equipment and do a good job in humidification and humidity control. For large textile factories with large areas and high difficulty in humidification, industrial humidifiers can be chosen for humidification and electrostatic removal

The textile factory workshop should generally maintain a relative humidity of 60-70% RH in the production workshops of each process according to its processing process requirements.

. Especially in dry seasons, each production workshop of a textile factory needs to increase relative humidity to meet its humidity requirements, reduce the generation of static electricity, reduce problems such as product knots, flying flocs, and uneven yarn strips, and improve product quality

Humidification in the twisting workshop is imperative, but what methods should be used for humidification? We recommend ultrasonic industrial humidifiers here, and to solve humidification problems, we can choose professional humidification solutions. The ZS-120Z twisting workshop humidifier and ZS series intelligent ultrasonic industrial humidifier water tank are made of stainless steel, free from rust and corrosion, and have a long service life

The interior adopts an integrated atomization component and is equipped with a water free protection device. The generated mist particles have a diameter of 1-10 μ m. During atomization work, there is no mechanical drive, no noise interference, no pollution, high atomization efficiency, low failure rate, low energy consumption, high efficiency, reliability, and no water droplets during atomization

PVC pipes are used, which can be transported over long distances without the need for nozzles, and there is no problem of clogging the nozzles.

. It can perfectly solve the often very dry situation in the textile workshop, greatly improving the quality, qualification rate, and production efficiency of textile products Many textile mills are often affected by low humidity in their twisting workshops, resulting in low production efficiency and product quality. To this end, the electrical appliance has designed a humidification plan for the low humidity problem in the twisting workshop, and guided the installation of ZS-120Z twisting workshop humidifier and ZS series intelligent ultrasonic industrial humidifier. After startup, a large amount of water mist sprays out, which can quickly humidifie the entire workshop, solve various problems caused by low humidity in the twisting workshop, and achieve the goal of improving production efficiency and product quality