Multi functional intelligent dehumidifier, one button dehumidification and intelligent humidity control

Multi functional intelligent dehumidifier, one button dehumidifier intelligent humidity control

Multi functional intelligent dehumidifier, one button dehumidifier intelligent humidity control

Multi functional intelligent dehumidifier, one button dehumidification and intelligent humidity control


"The rain keeps falling, and the atmosphere is not harmonious. Under the same roof, you gradually feel your heart changing..."

Looking at the rain drops beating outside the window, Xiao Bian can't help thinking of this song. The rainy weather in recent days has caused a lot of inconvenience to everyone

A humid and dreary environment can make people feel irritable. The reason is that the humidity exceeds the standard. Look at the hygrometer. Sure enough, the real-time humidity is 75% RH, which is 45% - 65% RH higher than the optimal human humidity

Improper humidity will cause great damage to human body and articles. Living in a humid environment for a long time will not only cause physical discomfort, but also make the elderly and children with weak resistance prone to illness; The life of corroded furniture, electrical appliances, books, etc. will also be greatly shortened...

However, when it comes to dehumidification, many people still face a question mark. Compared with the well-known air conditioners, the existence of dehumidifiers is still unknown. Today, Xiao Bian will introduce you to this "dehumidification artifact"

[Underground garages]

On rainy days, the underground garages in many communities, office buildings, and shopping malls will have damp water and moldy ceilings. The wet ground is easy to cause people to slip and fall, and it is also dangerous for the brake distance of vehicles with skidded tires to become longer. The performance of the car will be damaged to varying degrees if it is parked in a humid environment for a long time. These situations are mainly due to poor ventilation of the underground garage, and the moisture brought by vehicles in and out cannot be discharged well in rainy days. A large number of water droplets are formed when cold and hot air converge

Many garages will install exhaust fans to extract moisture, which is a drop in the bucket for southern rainy season/back to the south. The conventional floor type dehumidifiers have various models and strong dehumidification performance, which can meet the dehumidification requirements of various areas. Up to now, it has provided dehumidification solutions for many underground garages and parking lots of new buildings, which are trusted by customers

  [Factory workshop]

No matter food processing, electronic manufacturing and pharmaceutical production, the production, storage and transfer of factories are inseparable from mold and moisture prevention. The damp food is easy to become mouldy and deteriorate, affecting the food safety, and also causing pollution and waste; The internal electronic components of the electronic products after being damped are damaged, ranging from failure requiring maintenance to scrapping; The pharmaceutical ingredients are unstable, the humidity in the pharmaceutical workshop exceeds the standard, and the medicinal materials absorb too much water, which may lead to deterioration

In view of the dehumidification needs of these enterprises, industrial dehumidifiers achieve accurate control of environmental humidity through intelligent humidity control, ensuring that the air humidity in all links of the production process is always maintained within a reasonable range, avoiding huge economic losses for enterprises

[Warehousing Logistics]. In rainy days, moisture can easily enter. If the humidity is too high, mold is easy to grow. If the air circulation is poor, the quality of products in the warehouse will decline. When outdoor cold air meets indoor hot air, condensation will cause ground water and increase potential safety hazards

In view of the dehumidification demand faced by the storage industry, the industrial ceiling dehumidifier is customized, which can be used together with the air conditioner to avoid the high temperature and humidity in summer, which will reduce the working efficiency of employees. Evenly remove the excess water vapor in the warehouse to keep the warehouse dry and protect the materials from moisture


[Medical cold storage]

The quality of any drug will directly affect its efficacy and the recovery time of patients. In the process of pharmaceutical production, only stable air humidity can guarantee the quality of drugs. In rainy weather, a large amount of moisture enters the pharmaceutical factory workshops, warehouses and other environments, which will inevitably cause the air humidity to exceed the standard. In humid environment, microorganisms breed in large quantities, and the stability of production and storage will be affected

Customized dehumidification solutions for the needs of pharmaceutical enterprises. Low temperature dehumidifier can quickly defrost, and can continue to operate efficiently at low temperatures. To ensure the delivery of healthy air for production and storage, and ensure the smooth production


The preservation of experimental equipment and reagents is closely related to the air humidity. The higher the humidity is, the higher the microbial content exceeds the standard. The more easily the reagents are polluted, and the life of expensive experimental instruments will be greatly shortened if they are corroded. Therefore, strictly controlling the humidity environment of the laboratory and ensuring the scientific and accurate experimental results are important indicators to measure whether the laboratory management is qualified

Under constant humidity, the experiment is safer and more efficient. The runner dehumidification unit adopts SCR constant temperature control technology, and the machine can operate for a long time. The intelligent control system can automatically adjust the ambient humidity to the target humidity. Help to create a good experimental environment, so that scientific research can be carried out without distractions and produce fruitful results

[Museums]. In fact, this is not the case. Every year, a large number of cultural relics in the country are damaged to varying degrees due to excessive humidity in museums. There are many kinds of cultural relics, such as bronze, calligraphy and painting, silk, porcelain, etc., which will be damaged by mold

Generally, the most appropriate humidity for cultural relics is between 45% - 55% RH, and only by properly controlling the humidity can cultural relics be better protected. The constant temperature and humidity machine is equipped with imported temperature and humidity sensors to monitor the changes of environmental humidity in real time, automatically adjust the appropriate humidity, and contribute to the cause of cultural relics protection

[Villas and residences]

Villas and residences with basements are generally characterized by low floors and lush greenery. The arrival of the plum rain season will cause indoor humidity problems, discomfort to the human body and damage to furniture, appliances and clothing. Therefore, dehumidification should be considered; At the same time, because the house type is too large and there are more decoration materials, formaldehyde and TVOC exceeding the standard are harmful to human health, so it is necessary to introduce fresh air. The ceiling fresh air dehumidifier is installed with a concealed ceiling, and the dry and clean fresh air is introduced into each room through pipes, so as to achieve the effect of dry and comfortable all the year round. The multiple filtering system can effectively inhibit dust, PM2.5, bacteria, formaldehyde, TVOC and other harmful substances, and create a healthy and safe indoor environment for families

[Hotel Supermarket]

The quality of a hotel is reflected in its geographical location, customer service, decoration style and comfort. The air quality directly affects the comfort of customers. If the room is damp and moldy, full of odor, and the air is too turbid, it will inevitably cause an unpleasant customer experience. There is a large flow of Superman, and it is even more congested in case of discounts. Lack of air circulation will cause serious consequences

The ceiling fresh air dehumidifier is installed in a concealed way, which is well adapted to the indoor decoration style. Continuously and efficiently deliver healthy and clean air to the room, improve the situation of insufficient oxygen and high carbon dioxide concentration, and eliminate all kinds of germs, molds, dust, odor, PM2.5, formaldehyde and other harmful substances

When I wrote here, I couldn't help sighing that dehumidification is essential for daily life, industrial production, scientific research and experiments, logistics and warehousing! At present, the conventional dehumidifiers, high-temperature dehumidifiers, low-temperature dehumidifiers, temperature regulating dehumidifiers, ceiling dehumidifiers, fresh air dehumidifiers, rotary dehumidifiers, thermostatic dehumidifiers and other series of dehumidifiers independently researched and developed by the electrical appliances have been widely used in all walks of life. Being able to stand out from many brands is inseparable from the strong support of our customers

In the future, the electrical appliances will surely demand themselves with higher standards, and constantly make new breakthroughs to provide customers with more functions and higher quality dehumidifiers. All the above contents about multi-functional intelligent dehumidifier, one button dehumidifier intelligent humidity control are provided by the electrical appliances for your reference