August 08,2023

It has been raining for half a month, do you have these five problems at home-

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Will your cookies and cookies lose their crispness soon after opening the packaging box? These are not only troubles that the homeowner needs to endure, but also signs of possible high humidity issues in your home

Although these are quite subtle symptoms, they are worth paying attention to as you can grasp other problems caused by high humidity, which may have negative effects on your house and health.

. Look for the following five characteristics to indicate that the indoor humidity of your house is too high, and understand the factors that should be considered when selecting a proven dehumidification solution: dehumidifier

Do you feel very uncomfortable?

High humidity is just uncomfortable, "it can produce a" hot, sticky feeling that you can't get rid of. "When the temperature rises, your body will sweat to help you cool down. Then, when the sweat dries, your skin feels cooler. However, in high humidity homes, sweat never completely dries, making family members damp, sticky, and completely uncomfortable. If this accurately describes the comfort level of your home, you will be surprised to find that your home will feel better when you use the dehumidifier

The interior of the windows is wet.

"If you notice the moisture outside the window, it will rain," "but if you notice the moisture accumulated inside the window, you may need a dehumidifier." In cold weather, condensation is most common in indoor windows, when the humid indoor air contacts with cold glass windows. If you notice that many windows in the whole house will form condensed water, you can benefit from the Dehumidifier of the whole house, which is connected to your existing piping system to dry the air in each room

There are water stains on the wall Water stains on walls or ceilings cannot be explained through leaking roofs or drip pipes, indicating humidity issues. Just like condensation accumulated on windows, condensation on walls and ceilings is more likely to occur in winter months when the temperature of the exterior walls is colder than that of the home. When the indoor air is humid, moisture will condense in the cold area on the inside of the exterior wall. You may notice dark stains on nails or screw heads, which are the coldest areas below the surface of the dry wall. If the humidity does not decrease rapidly, you will find it worse than stains: condensed water can eventually cause paint or wallpaper to fall off, and even damage dry walls

You have found mold The presence of mold clearly indicates that your home may be too humid, allowing mold spores in the air to lock onto damp surfaces and spread. Inhaling spores in the air can cause health problems. In fact, symptoms such as nasal congestion, watery eyes, difficulty breathing (wheezing), and other respiratory problems may be early causes of fungal colonies. Once you find yourself encountering problems, please take out the mold immediately, and then load it into the Dehumidifier to solve the problem and prevent mold from happening again

Your HVAC unit is too large for your home Of course, installing a larger HVAC unit than necessary at the time seemed like a good idea - you may have planned to add it to a household now or assume that a smaller model would perform worse. But the fact is, oversized units can cause many problems, one of which is high humidity in the home

Like a Dehumidifier, the air conditioner can remove moisture from the air when cooling coils, creating a comfortable and cool atmosphere. Although oversized units do reduce indoor temperature, they do not require much time, which means they will spend less time removing moisture. Result? Even if the air is cool, you will still feel sticky and uncomfortable. Correcting your HVAC errors by connecting the dehumidifier to the piping system is cheaper than replacing the air conditioning before its end of service life. You can "cool" your home by reducing humidity, "O'Brien explained. Without water in the air, if you don't adjust the thermostat, you will feel cooler.