Make use of industrial Dehumidifier to take moisture-proof and dehumidification measures for workshop warehouse

Summer is both hot and windy. It is common to be trapped by wet during industrial production processes. Dampness leads to moldy products, and dampness causes equipment to malfunction. In industrial ...
Industrial Drying Dehumidifier_High Temperature

Industrial Drying Dehumidifier_High Temperature

Summer is both hot and windy. It is common to be trapped by 'wet' during industrial production processes. Dampness leads to moldy products, and dampness causes equipment to malfunction. In industrial production, factories must purchase industrial dehumidifiers as an essential part of production equipment to eliminate the humid air that affects the production workshop. The dehumidifier has a good effect on the humidity control of the workshop air. Why use industrial dehumidifiers? Summer is humid and humid. Progress in industrial production. Used to eliminate humid air that affects production. Humidity control

Power of industrial Dehumidifier. In addition to grain storage warehouses, production and processing industries, the demand for Dehumidifier in the food industry is also increasing

Dampness is common in food warehouses

When I was a child, I often ate the sugar my mother put in the cupboard.

. I like to steal things that clump together the most because it's not obvious and Mom won't notice. At that time, I still didn't understand why white sugar would clump after being stored for a period of time. Later on, I realized that this was caused by improper storage and humidity. Therefore, our candy warehouse should also use Dehumidifier to pay attention to moisture-proof and dehumidification

Bacterial problems in food production

Food production is the most afraid of food being infected by bacteria. The sale of bacteria infected food not only damages consumer health, but also damages the reputation of food factories. Once the reputation is damaged, it is difficult to recover.

. So, how do you keep bacteria from infecting food? That is, use a Dehumidifier to eliminate air moisture, reduce air humidity, prevent bacteria from breeding conditions, and will not infect food

Food processing plants: Wet and germinating raw materials

Rainy days are the most annoying for food processing plants, especially during the rainy season.

. The humidity of rain will increase, and grains will absorb moisture from the air. Therefore, after a rainy day, it is often necessary to turn grains into the sun, fearing that they will be affected by moisture, germination, and mold, which will cause losses to grain processing plants. Now, we are not afraid of rain. As long as we turn on the industrial Dehumidifier and clear the air and humidity, we have nothing to worry about

The safety of food production and storage will also face huge challenges with the arrival of the rainy season.

. During the rainy season, the air environment is very humid, providing favorable conditions for bacterial reproduction. Many food raw materials are moldy in the warehouse. Although some measures such as Whole-house fan are used in the warehouse, they are still used in the warehouse. The elderly cannot resist the moldy food. So, what effective methods should food production enterprises adopt to control the humidity of warehouses? At present, food manufacturers choose to use Dehumidifier in their warehouses, many of which choose parkoo dehumidifier. BAO Industrial Dehumidifier is widely used in valuable goods warehouse, pharmacy, food, electronics, leather, shoes, furniture, printing, chemical industry, tobacco and other industries. Avoid serious losses caused by dampness and mold. This product is suitable for large workshops and warehouses

The Clothing industry is afraid of damp and mildew

The Clothing industry in Guangdong is also very developed. The new models are launched every year, while the old ones are unsold. Many companies go bankrupt or export due to quality issues with their goods or products. This has led to more intense competition in the domestic clothing market. The product quality must be properly handled, and there will be no damp season when it rains during the rainy season. At this time, we need to use PARKOO Dehumidifier to help inventory products avoid mildew


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