November 09,2022

Electrostatic solution standard for electronic components

In 1987, the UK made the first attempt to document the code of practice, and the result was BS5783. It is not so much a standard on what tests should be carried out as a code of practice clause.

The second stage of this work is to convert this standard into a specification in the European Organization, which is numbered CECC 000151 and entitled "Basic Specification: Protection of Electrostatic Sensitive Elements Part I: General Requirements" This standard was published in 1991 and renumbered as EN 1000151 in 1992. Other parts were published in 1993 (Part II: Requirements for Low Humidity Conditions) and 1994 (Part III: Requirements for Clean Areas and Part IV: Requirements for High Pressure Environments). These sections are beyond the scope of this article.

The standard not only includes the requirements for installation, maintenance and inspection of the measures described in this document, but also details the detailed requirements for electrostatic protective devices including test methods.

The continuous development of technology and process and the experience accumulated in the implementation of standards, as well as the widespread use of automated mechanical equipment, have made these standards continuously improved, including making their structure more reasonable, and separating the user guide from the standardized version.

The revision work has been included in the international forum organized by the International Electrotechnical Commission. The newly formulated standards will be published in the IEC 1340 series. There is no doubt that this is complementary to European standards. Relevant standards are as follows:

IEC 1340-1 Summary

IEC 1340-1-1 Guide to Electrostatic Principles

IEC 1340-1-2 Definitions and terms

IEC 1340-2 Electrostatic measurement methods

IEC 1340-2-1 Static charge consumption

IEC 1340-2-2 Chargeability

IEC 1340-2-3 Resistance and Resistance Coefficient

IEC 1340-3 Electrostatic effect simulation method

IEC 1340-3-1 Manikin

IEC 1340-3-2 Machine Model

IEC 1340-3-3 Charging element model

IEC 1340-3-4 Field Effect Model

IEC 1340-4 Standard test methods for special occasions

IEC 1340-4-1 Estimation of floor mats

IEC 1340-4-2 Packaging

IEC 1340-4-3 Footwear

IEC 1340-5 Rules for the protection of electrostatic sensitive elements

IEC 1340-5-1 General Requirements

IEC 1340-5-2 User Guide

IEC 1340-6 Electrostatic Control Technology and Methods for Evaluating Its Effects

IEC 1340-6-1 Ionizing agent

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