Backpack lithium electric spray, rechargeable ultra-low capacity spray

Backpack lithium electric spray, rechargeable ultra-low capacity spray [Technical News]Backpack lithium electric spray ZD-800A rechargeable ultra-low capacity spray consists of a liquid storage tank c...

Backpack lithium electric spray, rechargeable ultra-low capacity spray

[Technical News]

Backpack lithium electric spray, rechargeable ultra-low capacity spray

Backpack lithium electric spray PD800A rechargeable ultra-low capacity spray consists of a liquid storage tank connected successively through a filter screen, a connector, a suction device (small electric pump), a connector, a nozzle, and a nozzle. The suction is a small electric pump, which is electrically connected with the battery through wires and switches. The battery box is installed at the bottom of the liquid storage tank. The liquid storage tank can be made into a groove with a sunken battery; The utility model has the advantages that the suction suction barrel is canceled, thereby effectively eliminating the disadvantages that the liquid medicine external filtering harms the operator, and saves labor. The pressure of the electric pump is greater than that of the manual suction barrel, which increases the spraying distance and range. Good atomization effect, saving time, effort and medicine

I. Product configuration:

1. Lithium battery: 24V/20AH maintenance free lithium battery). It can be used correctly and can be used for more than 3-5 years generally

2. Charger: equipped with special charger, intelligent fast charging system, with automatic protection functions such as overcharge and short circuit

3. Suction pump: High pressure overflow reflux diaphragm pump is used, with a pressure of 4-6kg and a service life of up to 5 years

4. Liquid storage barrel: It is injection molded with pure new materials, with a water filled capacity of 16L, and is resistant to pressure and leakage. The barrel body is reasonably designed and comfortable to carry

II. Product parameters:

III. Advantages:

1. Time saving, labor saving, high efficacy, and good atomization effect. A bucket of water has a capacity of about 16L, which can be sprayed in 35 minutes

2. The lithium battery has large capacity and long working time. It can work continuously for 4-6 hours once charged, and can be used repeatedly for more than 2000 times

3. Low cost, high work efficiency, energy saving charge can be used for one day at a time; Compared with gasoline engine, the fuel consumption is more than ten yuan/day, and the energy saving effect is obvious

4. Small size, simple and convenient operation, empty weight of about 6.5KG. When in use, turn on the power switch to carry out spray work

5. The application scope is widely applicable to the prevention and control of diseases and pests of various crops, the sanitation and epidemic prevention of public places, and the sterilization and disinfection of livestock and poultry houses

IV. Operation guide:

Step 1: open the lid of the kettle, add an appropriate amount of liquid medicine, and then add clean water according to the proportion of liquid medicine. The second step can only be performed after the lid is covered (it must be sealed here, and there is a sealing gasket before leaving the factory)

Step 2: connect the power supply. Before connecting the power supply, check whether the power supply has a leakage device. It is strictly prohibited to work without a leakage protection device, In case of electric shock

Step 3: Turn on the power switch, and press the switch to "-" for working status, and "O" for closing status

Step 4: During spray operation, the walking speed should not be fast or slow, and the nozzle should not swing freely from left to right or up and down; When outdoors, pay attention to the change of wind speed and direction, so as to change the spray direction according to the wind direction

V. Precautions:

. When charging, you must use the matching charger of the machine, which is connected with 220V voltage

The charger's red light indicates that it is charging. The green light of the charger indicates that the charging is basically completed, but the power is weak at this time, and it needs to be recharged for 1-2 hours before it can be fully charged

2. When spray, turn on the power switch and start working. After use every day, no matter how long the battery is used, it should be charged immediately to prolong the service life of the lithium battery

3. If the electric spray is not used for a long time, it is generally charged once a month or two to ensure that the lithium battery does not lose power, which can also greatly extend the service life of the lithium battery

6. Application fields:

1. Disinfection and sterilization of offices, meeting rooms, restaurants, shopping malls and home rooms

2. Disinfection and sterilization in hospitals, schools, hotels, cinemas, entertainment centers and other places

3. Disinfection and sterilization of vehicles such as automobiles, buses, trains, planes, ships, and subways

4. Disinfection and sterilization in greenhouses, greenhouses, livestock farms, poultry farms, warehouses and other places

5. Disinfection and sterilization of animal care centers, food processing plants, leisure resorts, tourist attractions and other places

All the technical trends of the backpack lithium electric spray and rechargeable ultra-low capacity spray are provided by the electric appliance for your reference only