Cold chain food packaging spray sterilizer, comprehensive preventive disinfection

Cold chain food packaging spray sterilizer, a comprehensive preventive disinfection technology, is well-known. Since June this year, more than 10 provinces, including Beijing, Tianjin, Hubei, Gansu, L...
Industrial Drying Dehumidifier_High Temperature

Industrial Drying Dehumidifier_High Temperature

Cold chain food packaging spray sterilizer, a comprehensive preventive disinfection technology, is well-known. Since June this year, more than 10 provinces, including Beijing, Tianjin, Hubei, Gansu, Liaoning, Shandong, Shaanxi, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Chongqing and Yunnan, have detected positive viral nucleic acid in imported cold chain food or packaging, increasing the risk of epidemic transmission safety of imported cold chain food

To this end, the country and various regions have introduced relevant policies and measures to effectively prevent the risk of the epidemic from being imported through the cold chain food. In particular, on November 8, the National Health Commission issued the Work Plan for Preventive Overall Disinfection of Imported Cold Chain Food (Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism ZZF [2020] No. 255), which requires that the imported cold chain food be subject to preventive overall disinfection before first contact with domestic personnel at the port inspection, transportation, unpacking and warehousing, wholesale and retail and other links

In order to further prevent the risk of imported cold chain food epidemic, we also need to implement prevention and control according to the principle of "three points and one warehouse" closed-loop management. High risk imported cold chain food shall enter the "transit inspection warehouse" for nucleic acid testing and outer packaging disinfection. The "transit inspection warehouse" was launched, and all high-risk imported cold chain foods must be transit inspected

The high-risk imported cold chain food that enters the customs from the port and is stored, produced, processed and sold can be directly released, except for those that have been tested and disinfection and sterilization by the customs, they must be uniformly entered into the enterprise transit inspection library or public transit inspection library for nucleic acid testing and disinfection and sterilization packaging. After the test results are negative, they can be released to the production and business units in the next link, link up, and control the whole chain

How to carry out the comprehensive preventive disinfection of the "transit inspection warehouse". What are the key disinfection ring nodes? What kind of disinfectant is used? Which disinfection method is better

First, the choice of disinfectants; The particularity of the cold chain environment also puts forward new requirements for the actual use of disinfectants. The selection principles are specified in the "Technical Guidelines for Virus Control and Disinfection in the Process of Cold Chain Food Production and Operation"

To freeze the surface of objects, in order to ensure the effectiveness of disinfectant disinfection, "the method of reducing the freezing point should be adopted to ensure that the disinfectant does not freeze, and the disinfection effect must be confirmed" For cold chain food, there are two main methods of low-temperature disinfection:, It will make the disinfectant become liquid as soon as it touches the cold food, and it is difficult to disinfect because the disinfectant cannot get into it

spray method/It is commonly used to disinfect the surface of frozen food packaging by spray. The freezing point of the disinfectant is slightly lower than the temperature at which it acts. If it does not freeze, it will be proved to be effective. It is necessary to ensure that the spray disinfectant can fully contact each side and each position of the package, and has a certain contact time, so that the disinfection effect can be achieved

The "four in one" strategy for comprehensive preventive disinfection of imported cold chain food: the disinfection effect depends on the organic combination of disinfection personnel, disinfection instruments, disinfectants and disinfection objects (people, guns, bullets and targets). Disinfection equipment is an important part of using disinfectants to kill viruses, and plays an important role together with disinfectants in practical disinfection work. There is an organic combination of the four, and the preventive disinfection of the whole link of the transfer station can defeat the "cunning" virus

XD-10 cold chain food packaging spray sterilizer and XD series full-automatic spray sterilizer have obvious advantages such as [intelligent disinfection], [large amount of spray], [fine particles] and [simple operation]. They can atomize disinfectant into 1-5 micron aerosol particles, making all disinfectant solutions" Gone with the Wind; In the air, 360 ° spray disinfection without dead angle can wrap more viruses and germs and kill them by oxidation

And there is no need to connect the water pipe, just put the pure water bucket (18.9L) on the liquid supply, and can move freely for spray disinfection. It is a new generation of energy-saving, efficient, clean and sanitary air disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, and dust reduction and cooling equipment. Welcome to consult the cold chain food packaging spray disinfection machine, comprehensive preventive disinfection details

The atomization amount and control mode of XD-10 cold chain food outer packaging spray sterilizer and XD series full-automatic spray sterilizer:

Note: XD-10 cold chain food packaging spray sterilizer and XD series full-automatic spray sterilizer do not have disinfection and sterilization functions themselves, and their disinfection and sterilization efficacy depends on the disinfectant used. Different disinfectants are used for different applications and different sterilization needs. The size of atomized particles is conducive to the diffusion and retention of disinfectant in space. It is this principle that can suspend the liquid disinfectant in space to achieve the purpose of disinfection of space, air and object surface

To sum up, for the comprehensive preventive disinfection of imported cold chain food transfer stations, every link is very important and should not be missed

1. Cold chain food outer packing box: Each surface (generally six surfaces) of the cold chain food outer packing box shall be disinfected, and the box shall be turned over to ensure that all surfaces are disinfected. 1% hydrogen peroxide disinfectant can be used to spray and disinfect the surface of the external packaging box, and the disinfection time is 30min

2. Cold chain food handling tools: tools (such as forklifts, pliers, wooden pallets, etc.) for handling cold chain food shall be disinfected in time after each batch of use. 1% hydrogen peroxide disinfectant can be used to spray or wipe the surfaces of various tools and appliances for disinfection for 30min

3. Inside the cold chain food container: turn off the refrigeration power supply in time to disinfect all surfaces on the inner wall of the container. The inner wall of the container can be sprayed with 1% hydrogen peroxide disinfectant for disinfection for 30min. If necessary, clean the container with clean water or wash it to remove the disinfectant residue

4. Workplace and environment: the frequency of disinfection of workplace and environment shall be at least once every half day. In particular, it is necessary to strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of various operating platforms and environments contacted by people at work. 1% hydrogen peroxide disinfectant can be used to spray or wipe the surface of environmental objects for disinfection for 30min

In addition, it is also necessary to remind everyone that the disinfection personnel should wear work clothes, disposable work caps, disposable gloves, protective clothing, KN95/N95 and above particle respirators or medical protective masks, goggles or protective face screens, work shoes or rubber shoes, water resistant shoe covers, etc. during disinfection. The above spray sterilizer for cold chain food packaging and comprehensive preventive disinfection are all provided by Mashima Electric for your reference


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