August 07,2023

Industrial Dehumidifier creates a comfortable indoor environment for offices and schools

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The indoor environment of schools, offices, administrative buildings and other places may be seriously affected by many people coming in and out, often in an inconsistent and unpredictable mode. People's activities and their clothes emit a large amount of unnecessary moisture - which has no other benefits except for causing indoor environmental problems

Mild, comfortable and efficient Many users of these facilities have natural expectations for the comfort of these buildings. Any comfort and/or concentration caused by unpleasant humidity can affect the learning, efficiency, and motivation of human activities

Uncontrolled air moisture can also easily condense on the surface and in the air - visible and invisible - and cause the growth of molds and fungi.

. This can create a potentially unhealthy environment and cause expensive damage to walls, furniture, and fixtures

No matter what they are doing, people (and many of their activities) constantly emit moisture. Any traditional attempt to handle large amounts of moisture in the air is often hindered by the repeated opening of doors and windows, which means uncontrolled additional moisture entering from the outside

Traditional air conditioning and ventilation cannot solve the problem well because they only handle the temperature of the air, not the humidity.

The industrial dehumidifier can effectively solve the problem

On the other hand, the efficient and energy-saving PARKOO dehumidifier system can automatically maintain the relative humidity at a specific level. This means that you can easily improve the comfort, work efficiency, learning, and many other key activities within these types of facilities

What are the benefits of using the PARKOO dehumidifier system

Better control of ambient air

More comfortable and focused for tenants, students and other users

Provide better working environment for employees

Higher efficiency of various work processes

Lower cleaning and maintenance costs

Lower energy costs of heating, ventilation and cooling processes

How PARKOO dehumidifier stands out

Attractive compact industrial dehumidifier design, If necessary, it can be installed in a bright view

Heat input from heating, ventilation and cooling devices can be used to reduce energy costs

Advanced control functions enable you to match Dehumidifier operation with changing environment and different user densities

Excellent reliability and good return on investment