December 04,2022

Cold chain food virus prevention and control sterilizer, cutting off the virus transmission path

Cold chain food virus prevention and control sterilizer, cut off the way of virus transmission News Since the epidemic, seafood cold chain food has frequently been "on the market", and many cases of positive viral nucleic acid detected on the outer packaging of cold chain food have occurred. From June when Beijing Xinfadi imported salmon cutting chopping board to August when Dalian seafood processing workshop, to October when Qingdao imported frozen cod, live viruses were detected on the outer packaging; In addition, the nucleic acid test result of a cold store door handle of Tianjin frozen food was also positive in November, which led to the shadow of virus infection of seafood cold chain food, which was loved by consumers in the past

Cold chain food involves many links and has a wide spread path of viruses; From the place of origin, to production and processing, and then to cold storage and storage, and finally to the point of sale, there are many links in the process, and cold chain practitioners are involved, which greatly increases the risk of virus transmission. Cold chain goods have such a big security risk, how can we let consumers buy cold chain products at ease? In dealing with viruses, everyone must first think of disinfection. What links in cold chain production need to be disinfected

. To disinfection, there are many disinfection methods, and different disinfection methods have their own advantages. What should be paid attention to when choosing disinfection methods in the cold chain industry

The virus in this epidemic is sensitive to organic solvents and disinfectants. 75% alcohol, ether, chloroform, formaldehyde, chlorine containing disinfectants, peracetic acid and ultraviolet light can inactivate the virus - from the official micro blog of "China Disease Control Dynamics". Hypochloric acid disinfectant is a good disinfection product. Compared with traditional disinfection products, it has no irritating smell, is gentle to the skin, and can be used for space disinfection. It is widely used in Japan. But there are many gateways

In the disinfection of cold chain food, hypochlorite disinfectant is used with XD series mobile cold chain food virus prevention and control sterilizer and_ The scientific and reasonable spray disinfection of portable cold chain car disinfection spray can not only kill viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms on the surface of cold chain food, but also maintain the fresh flavor of cold chain food and extend the shelf life, which is very important for cold chain production. If this disinfection method can be widely applied to the cold chain production and disinfection link, cold chain food operators will not have to worry about unsalable food. The majority of seafood lovers can also enjoy delicious food at ease and no longer worry about the safety of cold chain food

  _ Cold chain food virus prevention and control disinfection machine and XD series mobile full-automatic atomized air disinfection machine have obvious advantages such as [intelligent disinfection], [large amount of spray], [fine fog particles] and [simple operation], which can atomize disinfectant into 1-5 micron atomized particles, making all disinfectant solutions" Gone with the Wind; In the air, 360 ° non dead angle spray disinfection in all directions, so as to wrap more viruses and germs and kill them by oxidation

And there is no need to connect the water pipe, just put the pure water bucket (18.9L) on the liquid supply, and can move freely for spray disinfection. It is a new generation of energy-saving, efficient, clean and sanitary air disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, and dust reduction and cooling equipment. Welcome to consult the details of cold chain food virus prevention and control sterilizer

  _ The atomization amount and control mode of cold chain food virus prevention and control sterilizer and XD series mobile full-automatic atomized air sterilizer:

In a word, cold chain disinfection is the disinfection of the environment, packaging and transport vehicles, not the disinfection of food itself. For cold chain distribution vehicles, preventive disinfection and terminal disinfection should also be carried out. During cold chain distribution, it is better to open windows in the cockpit for ventilation. If the air conditioner needs to be turned on, the external circulation should be turned on

  _ The portable cold chain car disinfection spray is a new type of multi-purpose spray disinfection instrument. It uses a dual cyclone airflow atomizing nozzle and medicine bottles to form a spraying part, an electric centrifugal fan and a base to form a power part, and a corrugated hose to connect the spraying part and the power part together. The utility model has the advantages of novel shape, simple operation, convenient carrying, good atomization performance and small particle spectrum range (ultra-low capacity). It is characterized by drug saving, quick volatilization of liquid medicine, impermeability to the surface and low corrosivity. Also has the sterilization effect not affected by humidity, high efficiency characteristics

Note: XD series mobile cold chain food virus prevention and control sterilizer and_ The portable cold chain car disinfection spray itself does not have the disinfection and sterilization function. The sterilization effect depends on all disinfectants. Different disinfectants are used for different applications and different sterilization needs. The size of atomized particles is conducive to the diffusion and retention of disinfectants in space. It is this principle that can suspend the liquid disinfectant in space to achieve the purpose of disinfection of space, air and object surface

  _ Technical indicators of portable cold chain vehicle disinfection spray:

XD series mobile cold chain food virus prevention and control sterilizer and_ Scope of application of portable cold chain car disinfection spray: it is mainly used for indoor air and surface disinfection and sterilization by air soluble spray in medical, health and epidemic prevention departments. It is used for disinfection, sterilization and pest killing in schools, kindergartens, station docks, airports, customs epidemic prevention departments and other public places. It is applicable to disinfection and sterilization of hospital wards, outpatient departments and operating rooms at all levels; It is used for disinfection, sterilization and pest killing of hotels, hotel rooms, toilets, kitchens and restaurants at all levels

It can also be used for disinfection, sterilization, insecticidal and deodorization of passenger cars, trains, ships, aircraft and other transportation vehicles. It is used to kill insects and sterilize vegetables, flowers, greenhouses and greenhouses; Used for epidemic prevention and disinfection of chicken farms, pig farms and various animal farms; The ultra-low volume preparation liquid can be used to kill pests; Spray deodorant to eliminate indoor odor; Spray water for indoor air humidification, dust reduction, etc

To sum up, as we all know, seafood cold chain food, as an indispensable part of people's life today, is vital to both consumers and operators. If viruses are allowed to wreak havoc in cold chain products, people's daily life safety cannot be guaranteed; For this reason, on November 8, 2020, the State Council issued the Notice on Printing and Distributing the Work Plan for the Preventive Overall Disinfection of Imported Cold Chain Food, pointing out that we should solidly promote the epidemic prevention and control work, give full play to the role of disinfection in killing COVID-19 on the basis of doing a good job in the detection of imported cold chain food COVID-19, and effectively prevent the risk of COVID-19 entering through imported cold chain food (including edible agricultural products), Achieve the goal of "safe, effective, fast and economic"

At the same time, the work plan points out that the market supervision department should be responsible for on-site inspection and ticket and certificate request, and urge the market promoters and food producers and operators to ask for the certificate of disinfection of imported cold chain food goods issued by the disinfection unit. Those who cannot provide the certificate of disinfection cannot be marketed

Therefore, it is essential to eliminate viruses in cold chain food. After viruses are detected repeatedly, it is believed that cold chain food operators will also pay more attention to the disinfection process and fill the loopholes in production -- adopt scientific and reasonable disinfection methods -- XD series mobile cold chain food virus prevention and control sterilizer and_ Portable cold chain car disinfection spray+hypochlorite disinfectant are used for spray disinfection to provide consumers with safer food, and food safety will move towards a brighter future in the epidemic situation. All the above information about the cold chain food virus prevention and control sterilizer, cutting off the virus transmission path, is provided by the electrical appliance for your reference only

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