March 21,2023

Cinema dehumidification fresh air fan, a wise choice of cinema fresh air system

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The cinema dehumidification fresh air fan, the wise choice of the cinema fresh air system

The long-awaited cinema has finally returned to work a few days ago

The State Film Administration officially issued a notice:

"Cinemas in low-risk areas will be reopened in an orderly manner from July 20"

For 179 days, everyone finally walked into the cinema again

The editor visited several cinemas in the downtown area that haven't opened yet today and learned that

most cinemas are making preparations for disinfection and sterilization

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, under the strong leadership of the Party and the state, the people of the whole country have worked together to fight against the epidemic without smoke. After many challenges such as "SARS", "smog" and "COVID-19", the people's attention to the health status of public facilities and environmental quality continues to increase. It can be predicted that after the end of the epidemic, improving the public health status of cinemas and effectively improving the environmental quality of cinemas are not only important measures to ensure the health and safety of people watching movies, but also an important means for cinemas to improve their comprehensive strength, achieve quality and efficiency upgrading, and thus win the increasingly fierce market competition

The public health and environmental quality of cinemas are affected by many factors. On the one hand, as a public cultural space, the reasonable control of temperature/humidity, oxygen content, inhalable particulate matter and volatile chemical content, as well as the effective removal of bacteria, viruses and odor in the space, are crucial to improving the public health level, environmental quality and viewing comfort of the cinema

The total heat exchange fresh air dehumidification system helps the normal operation of the cinema and ensures the respiratory health and comfort of everyone

[Urban smog] For a wide range of urban smog, a three-layer filtration system is equipped to keep PM2.5 out, with a purification rate of 99.9%

[Decoration formaldehyde] Ventilation is the most effective way to remove formaldehyde for a long time. The decoration formaldehyde is continuously discharged from the theater with extremely low energy consumption, so as to improve the viewing experience

[Theater dust] Continuously purify the interior of the theater, reduce the dust rate and bid farewell to the smoke

[Bacteria and mold] The damp environment causes bacteria and mold to grow in seats/carpets and other parts, which will lead to white hair/odor for a long time. The total heat exchange function can maintain the indoor humidity at an appropriate level and reduce the growth of bacteria and mold

[Equipment life] The too dry or too wet environment makes all equipment prone to premature aging and deterioration. The heat exchange and efficient air circulation enable each corner of the room to achieve a continuous appropriate temperature and humidity, and delay the aging of social security

The total heat exchange fresh air dehumidification system uses G4/F7/H13 three-layer efficient filter screen to block 0.1um virus, which has a good blocking effect on new coronavirus. The theater can be ventilated 1-2 times per hour, and bacteria, mold, and viruses that may exist can also be removed from the room in time. The filtration of PM2.5 can reach 99%. Even if the theater is completely closed during viewing, it can also breathe fresh air anytime and anywhere

· The energy efficiency ratio of the total heat exchange fresh air dehumidification system is Level 1. R134A/R410A environmental friendly refrigerant is used in the whole series, which can achieve energy conservation and environmental protection while achieving efficient dehumidification. The total heat exchanger can retain the cooling capacity of the air conditioner in the theater in the form of heat exchange, and the recovery efficiency is about 75% (based on a conventional standard cinema with 7 halls and 1000 seats, using the fresh air dehumidification unit can save up to 70000 yuan/year, and reduce the initial installation cost of the air conditioner by 20-30%)

The total heat exchange fresh air dehumidification system intelligently controls a variety of control modes. In the season when the external temperature and humidity are appropriate, the fresh air mode can be independently turned on as the theater breathing ventilation. In the days when the humidity is high, the dehumidification mode can be turned on. The energy consumption is far lower than the air conditioning, saving a lot of operating costs for the theater operators

Each theater is equipped with a four in one air quality sensor to monitor PM2.5, CO2 temperature and humidity in real time, record changes on the day, and compare urban air. By monitoring the air quality of the cinema in real time, customers can not only see the effect of the total heat exchange fresh air dehumidification system directly, but also show the audience the high-quality equipment equipped with the cinema, so as to enhance customer loyalty to the cinema. All numerical values are output to the display terminals in the lobby and at the entrance, so that the audience can understand the air quality of the theater before entering, and feel relieved to watch the film! All the above contents about the dehumidification fresh air fan and the wise choice of the fresh air system of the cinema are provided by Mashima Electric, for your reference only