What is the whole family Dehumidifier-

What is the whole family Dehumidifier As a part of the household central heating and cooling system, a complete set of household Dehumidifier with a Nameplate capacity of 90L per day is installed. Det...

What is the whole family dehumidifier

As a part of the household central heating and cooling system, a complete set of household dehumidifier with a Nameplate capacity of 90L per day is installed. Determine when to operate based on the indoor air conditions. The integrated air circulation function will activate the HVAC fan, allowing air circulation throughout the house to balance conditions. The Dehumidifier has an optional ventilation damper, which can absorb the outside air into the circulation system. The whole house dehumidifier operates well at this stage and is a complete solution to the problem of excessive humidity in your home

What is the whole family Dehumidifier-

Protect yourself by using a central dehumidifier to eliminate mold, mold, and other malicious invaders.

. It prevents excess moisture from damaging furniture, window frames, fabrics, and even triggering allergic symptoms

Say goodbye to unhealthy odors

Feel comfortable at higher temperatures

Save energy

Throw away the feeling of being wet

carefree - when you leave home, Preventing mold and mold growth

Whole house dehumidification and portable humidifiers

Excessive humidity not only exists in one room or area of your home, why only handle problems in one room or area? The portable Dehumidifier only operates in a limited area, not the whole family. They invade your living space and often need to pay attention to water levels. When choosing between portable devices or whole house dehumidification systems, the choice is very simple

The Dehumidifier of the whole family is out of sight. It is quiet and requires no maintenance. Its energy efficiency is 4 times higher than the leading portable Dehumidifier! The most effective and safest way to thoroughly remove excess humidity in the home is the whole house Dehumidifier An increase of 60% or more in surface relative humidity can lead to mold, corrosion, decay, and other moisture related deterioration problems Elevated relative humidity inside carpets and fabrics can lead to dust mite infection and mold growth (mold is growing on the fabric)

Protect your health

Allergens such as dust mites and mold thrive under relative humidity conditions of over 60%, leading to a variety of foods, including asthma, allergies, and respiratory infections. PARKOO high capacity household Dehumidifier can prevent the spread of mold and other allergies

Provide overall comfort

PARKOOO family Dehumidifier provides maximum comfort for the whole family. Say goodbye to wet, sweaty skin and unnecessary chills

Eliminating peculiar smell

PARKOO family Dehumidifier can prevent the moldy smell from invading your living space