March 07,2023

Commercial odor control sterilizer, plant liquid sterilization and odor removal machine


Commercial odor control sterilizer, plant liquid sterilization and odor removal machine technology dynamic public toilets and toilets, as public health facilities for infrastructure construction in major urban and rural areas, space environment safety must be guaranteed to make the masses feel safe and secure. The toilet reform advocated by the state fully reflects its importance, and everyone should pay attention to environmental safety issues while paying attention to the environmental health of public toilets, Only by taking both into account can we truly safeguard the health of the masses and improve the quality of national life

In addition to the sanitation of the public toilet environment, people pay more attention to the problem of odor and odor. Because of the epidemic situation, the space environment safety of public toilets has become particularly important. Improving the safety of the space environment of public toilets and blocking the transmission of viruses are key issues that cannot be ignored in the normalization of prevention and control

The environment of public toilets provides favorable conditions for virus survival; The door handles and faucet switches frequently touched by users are also prone to cross infection of viruses; In addition, frequent flushing in the toilet will cause water splashes, and it is also very easy to form aerosols, which adds a new channel for virus transmission

The traditional solution is mainly to use chemical deodorant and spray perfume, which can not remove the harmful substances of odor, and its chemical composition will also cause secondary pollution to the environment; Consumables need to be replaced frequently, and the cost is high. However, the odor cannot be smelled for a while, which cannot solve the problem. In order to thoroughly solve the stink problem of public toilets and improve the sanitary conditions

Electric appliances are developed for deodorization, disinfection and sterilization of public toilets_ The working principle of the commercial odor control sterilizer: the natural plant deodorant is atomized by the equipment, and the natural plant liquid is atomized in the space to form small (1-10um) aerosol particles, which are combined with the odor molecules. The odor molecules are eliminated due to the chemical reaction with the plant liquid

These extremely fine foggy particles have a large specific surface area, which can efficiently absorb odorous molecules in the air. The adsorbed odorous molecules can react with the acid buffer solution in the plant liquid, and finally generate tasteless and non-toxic organic salts

Compared with conventional deodorization methods such as spraying essence and exhaust ventilation_ Commercial odor control sterilizer+efficient natural plant deodorant can not only achieve efficient deodorization and odor removal, but also can disinfect and sterilize the space environment, which has a bactericidal effect, and has no secondary pollution to the space environment. It is an efficient, green and environment-friendly technology

After testing_ Average antibacterial rate of commercial odor control sterilizer+efficient natural plant deodorant> 99.9%, and the killing rate of Staphylococcus albus in the air disinfection effect identification is greater than 99.99%. It plays a very significant role in blocking the transmission of viruses. All the above contents about commercial odor control sterilizer and plant liquid sterilization and odor removal machine are provided by Parkoo Electric, for your reference only