March 16,2023

Dehumidifier for waterborne paint drying room, dehumidifier for heating waterborne paint drying room

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Nowadays, in the process of promotion and application of waterborne paint, one of the major problems faced is slow drying speed and long time, which is also the bottleneck restricting the development of waterborne paint industry. For the drying problem of water-based paint, PD45G water-based paint drying room dehumidifier and Parkoo series heating, heating, drying and dehumidifying integrated machine can effectively dry water-based paint, saving energy and greatly improving the drying quality

The drying or drying process has a great impact on the production efficiency and quality of water-based paint coating products; For this reason, water-based paint coating products must be dried under suitable humidity, temperature, moisture exhaust wind speed and other environments. In order to better dry water-based paint, it is necessary to design a drying room or drying equipment for each different water-based paint drying project

Relevant experiments show that the products treated with water-based paint should meet the following conditions at the same time in order to obtain good quality: the ambient temperature of water-based paint drying room or drying room should be kept at about 22~26 ℃; Referring to the current hot air drying method, the hot air temperature should be between 40~60 ℃; The relative humidity should be controlled between 55%~75% RH (about 65% RH is appropriate); In addition, the illumination should be controlled between 750~1500LX

Drying of water-based paint is a technical activity. If the temperature and humidity in the drying room do not meet the requirements, the paint film will crack, and the manually operated drying equipment cannot accurately control the temperature and humidity in the drying room; Therefore, at present, intelligent drying units are used for drying water-based paint. The temperature and humidity in the drying room will not be affected by the changes in the ambient temperature and humidity outside, and will remain constant temperature and humidity until the end of drying

At present, there are many drying methods for water-based paint, and different drying methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Through numerous practical engineering case studies, it is found that the PD45G water-based paint drying room dehumidifier and the Parkoo series heating, drying and dehumidifying integrated machine are scientifically and reasonably used in the water-based paint drying room, which has obvious advantages over the drying speed and film quality of water-based paint