May 16,2023

Hypochloric acid air disinfection atomizer

Hypochloric acid air disinfection atomizer, hypochloric acid air disinfection atomizer technology trends are usually, infectious disease viruses are mainly transmitted through the air! How to effectively cut off the path of air transmission has become the most concerned issue for people. The virus is colorless and odorless, and during its survival in the air, if it comes into contact with the respiratory mucosa of susceptible individuals, it may cause infection

Especially in indoor environments, such as relatively enclosed areas such as home rooms, offices, hospitals, kindergartens, restaurants, cars and trains, the virus can maintain a certain concentration and survival time for a long time, while infants, the elderly, and people with weaker physiques are more susceptible to infection.

China's "Technical Standards for Disinfection" (2002 version of the Ministry of Health) clearly stipulates how to evaluate the methods, methods, and effects of air disinfection. According to the standard requirements in the "Technical Specification for Hospital Disinfection", the standard amount of hypochlorite used for air disinfection is 5ml per cubic meter. The disinfectant is atomized by an atomizer to kill bacteria and viruses on surfaces such as droplets, desks, chairs, and door handles in the indoor air (including classrooms, canteens, bathrooms, etc.) 360 degrees without dead spots, safely and efficiently

Hypochloric acid disinfectant passes through_ Hypochloric acid air disinfection atomizer and XD series fully automatic atomization air disinfection machine (with wheels, can be pushed and used at will), atomizing, allowing disinfectant to permeate every corner of the indoor air. Eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other floating microorganisms in the air, and disinfect, disinfect, and deodorize indoor surfaces. It is very suitable for disinfecting public toilets, corridors, and other locations in schools

1. The disinfection machine body is made of stainless steel, electrostatically sprayed.

2.360 degree omnidirectional casters, which can be pushed freely.

3. Extension tubes can be installed to disinfect any corner,

4. Connect a 220W power supply and plug it in to use.

5. Suitable for various water-soluble disinfectants with wide applications

The epidemic continues, and disinfection and sterilization continues. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the public's concept of sterilization and disinfection has also changed: not only disinfection and sterilization equipment suitable for different scenarios is needed, but also more professional (disinfection and sterilization effect is better), more intelligent (disinfection and sterilization process can be monitored), and more safe (no residue, to prevent workers from being exposed to disinfection and sterilization environment) operations are expected

  _ Hypochloric acid air disinfection atomizer and XD series fully automatic atomization air disinfection machine, with an average diameter of 5 μ The dry fog particles of m can quickly disperse to the whole space to be disinfected, and can cover the dead corners that are usually difficult to reach, so as to achieve comprehensive disinfection and sterilization. Suitable for disinfecting the ambient air and general object surfaces (such as tables and chairs, bedside tables, sanitary baths, handles and handrails) in medical and health institutions, schools, airports/passenger transportation centers, etc

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