May 16,2023

Household central ceiling dehumidifier, full house central dehumidification system

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As is well known, the technology of household central suspended ceiling dehumidifier and whole house central dehumidification system has a lot of rain every spring and summer, which can easily cause indoor air humidity. If it is caught in the rainy season, the entire house will feel moldy. In the southern region of China, when returning to the south, indoor walls and floors will "emit water", making it damp everywhere. The air seems to be able to wring out water So how to properly dehumidify a room? Some people choose professional dehumidifiers, while others use air conditioning for dehumidification. Some even ask, "Isn't air conditioning capable of dehumidification? Why do we need to install a central dehumidifier?" Today, the editor will popularize the differences between the two

Why do we need constant humidity?

? A constant indoor humidity of 45-60% is the most comfortable for the human body.

Excessive humidity in the indoor environment can cause furniture to become damp, walls to mold, household appliances to rust, breed bacteria, and pose a threat to human health, such as eczema and rheumatoid arthritis.

. This phenomenon is particularly severe during the plum rain season in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River

If the indoor environment is too dry, it can cause cracking of the floor and walls, dryness of the human skin, sore throat, etc. Therefore, a comfortable and healthy living environment is beneficial for the physical health of your family and can also improve the quality of life. Especially when there are elderly or children at home, their physical resistance is relatively low, and a comfortable, healthy, and energy-saving living environment is more important

1. Air conditioning dehumidification principle - refrigeration mode

This is a mode that any air conditioner has. The temperature of humid hot air passing through the air conditioning evaporator will significantly decrease, and the water vapor inside will be separated out in the form of condensed water, condensed on the fins of the evaporator, and then merged into the drainage pipe to be discharged outdoors, continuously "extracting" the moisture in the indoor air

2. Principle of central dehumidifier - Constant temperature dehumidification

Adopting the principle of compression refrigeration dehumidification, the moisture in the air is condensed and frosted when entering the evaporator of the dehumidifier, thereby accumulating and dripping out, achieving the purpose of dehumidification. During the dehumidification process, it will not affect the surrounding temperature and can simultaneously meet the large-scale dehumidification needs of multiple places

3. Different dehumidification effects - effective dehumidification

>& gt;& gt;& gt; Air conditioning dehumidification: It costs electricity and the dehumidification effect is not significant. Local cooling and dehumidification

Generally, the power of air conditioning is above 900W, and dehumidification with air conditioning costs electricity, and the dehumidification effect is not significant. Less than one-third of the central dehumidifier. Air conditioning can only perform local dehumidification in the installed room using refrigeration mode. As the dehumidification mode of the air conditioning is turned on for a longer time, the indoor temperature will also decrease, and the human body will feel colder and colder. Even in hot summer, the comfort level of the human body will be very low

  >& gt;& gt;& gt; Central dehumidifier: It saves electricity and has obvious dehumidification effects. The biggest difference between central dehumidifiers and air conditioning dehumidifiers is that the former is specialized in dehumidification, while the latter is specialized in refrigeration and heating, with significant differences in dehumidification intensity, range, and effect. The power of the central dehumidifier is generally between 300-700W, and the dehumidification effect is obvious. It can efficiently dehumidify the entire house, and the whole house is covered without dead corners. Set the indoor humidity well, and regardless of the indoor temperature, constant temperature dehumidification can be carried out to maintain the indoor temperature at a comfortable level for the human body

In summary, air conditioning dehumidification is only suitable for hot and humid summer weather, and for indoor local cooling dehumidification, the human comfort is not high. The central dehumidifier is suitable for use in any season. As long as you feel that the humidity in the air is too heavy, you can set a suitable humidity value for large-scale dehumidification, which is efficient, convenient, energy-saving, and more suitable for basements, floors, etc. with heavy humidity, keeping indoor humidity at a comfortable level for the human body