Please use explosion-proof Dehumidifier for damp proof of dangerous goods warehouse

What is a hazardous material? Simply put, it refers to items or substances that clearly endanger personal health, safety, or cause damage to property. According to the provisions of the New Safety Law...
Industrial Drying Dehumidifier_High Temperature

Industrial Drying Dehumidifier_High Temperature

What is a hazardous material? Simply put, it refers to items or substances that clearly endanger personal health, safety, or cause damage to property. According to the provisions of the New Safety Law, hazardous materials refer to flammable and explosive materials, hazardous chemicals, radioactive materials, and other items that can endanger personal and property safety. For example, a lighter is a very common thing in our daily life, but it is a true dangerous goods for air transportation, because once criminals use a lighter to set fire on an airplane, the danger is difficult to avoid Of course, if some common things in our daily lives are piled up in large quantities, they become dangerous goods even if they are not dangerous goods. This is why warehouses should be kept away from ignition sources and smoking is not allowed. For example, in a cotton warehouse, if there is a fire source approaching, or if the wires age and collide with wires, electric sparks can ignite into a huge fire. And fires caused by aging wires are not uncommon in daily life, so this issue needs to be taken seriously

Now many warehouses are equipped with dehumidifier to prevent moisture and dehumidification, and dangerous goods warehouses are no exception. The storage requirements of dangerous goods are very high. First, it should be ventilated and cool. Second, it should be strictly prohibited to smoke and fire. In addition, if it is a Flammable liquid with a very low boiling point, there should be cooling facilities to ensure the safety of dangerous goods

There is a problem here. Many electrical appliances will have electric sparks when they are turned on for use, which is very dangerous for dangerous goods warehouses, especially those chemical products. We know that many chemical products are flammable and volatile, such as gasoline, methanol, ethanol, Lacquer thinner, etc. Especially in summer, if the dangerous goods warehouse is not ventilated enough, under the influence of high temperature, The volatilization speed of these dangerous goods will be accelerated, and the flammable gas in the air can easily reach the saturation state. There is a great potential safety hazard. Once the Dehumidifier explodes a small spark, it is the sky thunder and the earth fire, and a major safety production accident will be unavoidable

Then some people will say that, according to this, it is not necessary to damp and dehumidify the dangerous goods warehouse. Of course not, it is OK to use explosion-proof Dehumidifier. The explosion-proof Dehumidifier adopts refrigeration dehumidification technology, and is equipped with explosion-proof equipment. It does not need to worry about small sparks during the work process. Moreover, it has fast dehumidification speed, simple and convenient operation, and is the best dehumidification option for dangerous goods warehouse According to the national regulations for hazardous material warehouses, in areas with Class IIa, IIb, t1 to t4 combustible gases, vapors, and air mixtures that are prone to explosions, special explosion-proof technical treatment is required when installing refrigeration, transportation, and other equipment, in order to prevent the possibility of explosions in hazardous areas, Therefore, when configuring Dehumidifier in dangerous goods warehouse, please remember to use explosion-proof Dehumidifier


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