Wood dehumidifier, wood drying dehumidifier is more efficient and energy-saving

Wood dehumidifier, dehumidifier for wood drying is more efficient and energy-saving News: With different tree species, tree ages and cutting seasons, the water content in wood will be different Howev...

Wood dehumidifier, dehumidifier for wood drying is more efficient and energy-saving News: With different tree species, tree ages and cutting seasons, the water content in wood will be different; However, in order to ensure the processing performance of wood, as well as the quality and service life of various wood products such as furniture and flooring, appropriate measures must be taken to dry the wood, so that the moisture (moisture content) in the wood can be reduced to a certain extent; It is about 10% - 12% in the south, 8% - 10% in the north and 6% - 8% in the northwest of China; Only in this way can we ensure that there will be no shrinkage, cracking, swelling, deformation and other problems in the use process; At the same time, it can also effectively improve the processing performance, service performance and durability of wood and its products

Wood drying is an important link to ensure the wood processing performance and the quality of various wood products! If reasonable drying process, correct drying equipment and correct operation are adopted, the investment cost and drying cost can be minimized while ensuring the wood drying quality. However, there are many kinds of wood drying methods and drying equipment nowadays; Therefore, it is necessary to select appropriate drying methods and equipment according to the drying characteristics and requirements of solid wood flooring, as well as the scale and conditions of the enterprise

According to the interview and research conducted by Electric Appliance on factories or enterprises in many furniture bases across the country, there are some problems in wood drying or drying: at present, many furniture factories still use the traditional "oven" method to heat the drying room by using electricity, firewood or coal as fuel, and then use the external circulation of the fan to discharge moisture to achieve wood drying treatment; However, the convection type external circulation air will take away a lot of heat in the drying room, and the fresh air will have to be reheated to a high temperature of 70-80 ℃, which not only extends the drying time, but also causes serious energy consumption; At the same time, the replacement of the old and new air makes the temperature of the drying room uneven, and it is easy to bake the wood, resulting in cracks and waste of wood

Of course, there are some advanced wood drying methods, such as steam drying and vacuum drying, which can improve the quality of wood drying and greatly shorten the production cycle. However, these methods have large investment in drying equipment, high operating costs, and greatly increased wood drying costs, which are not suitable for large-scale promotion_ The application of G wood drying dehumidifier and Parkoo series high-temperature resistant dehumidifier in wood drying or drying process not only saves investment cost and operation cost, reduces labor intensity, but also greatly shortens the drying and processing cycle of wood, and improves the drying quality of wood. Its advantages are incomparable with steam drying, vacuum drying and other methods

For example, due to the high humidity in the drying process of a drying room, the method of ventilation and moisture removal is adopted, and the drying time takes 24 hours; And use_ G wood drying dehumidifier and Parkoo series high-temperature dehumidifier can quickly reduce the humidity in the drying room without exhausting heat; Now it only takes 16 or 12 hours to achieve the original 24-hour drying effect; In addition, the temperature in the drying room does not need to be increased to a high temperature of 70-80 ℃. It can only be maintained at 50-55 ℃, which greatly reduces the operating cost of the drying room. It has been widely used in drying rooms of factories and enterprises all over the country, and its effect has been recognized by all users

Generally, the working environment temperature of a refrigerated dehumidifier is 5-38 ℃. If the temperature exceeds 38 ℃, the dehumidifier will be automatically protected and shut down. However, in the material drying room and drying room, the indoor temperature generally exceeds 40 ℃, so the general refrigerated dehumidifier cannot work in this environment. At present, the material drying method of general enterprises is to forcibly discharge the hot and humid air in the drying room through the fan. In this way, the heat in the room is also discharged out of the room

For the demand of energy-saving dehumidification and drying in drying rooms and drying rooms, electrical appliances are specially developed_ G Dehumidifier for wood drying and Parkoo series high-temperature resistant dehumidifier (suitable for dehumidification under the environment of 38 ℃ ≤ indoor temperature ≤ 55 ℃); It can be widely used for heating, curing, drying and dehydration of materials and products in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry, heavy industry and other industries. For example, wood, dried fruits, edible fungi, agricultural and sideline products, paper products, APIs, crude drugs, Chinese herbal pieces, powders, granules, granules, pigments, dyes, dehydrated vegetables, dried fruits and melons, sausages, plastic resins, electrical components, baking paints, etc

Welcome to inquire about the wood dehumidifier, the more efficient and energy-saving dehumidifier for wood drying! There are many kinds of wood dehumidifiers. The price and application range of different brands of wood dehumidifiers will also vary slightly. We will provide you with high-quality products and comprehensive after-sales service

_ G Technical parameters of dehumidifier for wood drying and Parkoo series high-temperature dehumidifier:

Wood dehumidifier, wood drying dehumidifier is more efficient and energy-saving

Note: the working environment temperature is required to be 5~55 ℃; Maximum air inlet temperature ≤ 55 ℃

Product model

Dehumidifying capacity (L/D)

Power (W)

Air volume (m3/h)

Power supply (V/HZ)

Size (mm)

Net weight (kg)

_ G







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High temperature resistant scroll compressor

non-standard customization

pipe type&ceiling type, The required model can only be selected correctly after the cooling capacity, dehumidification capacity per unit time and other key data are calculated based on the indoor sealing effect, moisture dissipation source, fresh air supply and other comprehensive factors

Core tips:_ G wood drying dehumidifier and Parkoo series high temperature resistant dehumidifier not only play a vital role in the wood drying or drying process of furniture factory, but also can be used for the humidity control of furniture spray paint room, dehumidification of air drying room and moisture protection of wood and furniture warehouse; It is understood that the wood after drying or drying treatment is prone to moisture regain during storage. Especially for the three furniture bases, Zhongshan Dayong, Fujian Xianyou and Zhejiang Dongyang, which are located along the coast, the environmental humidity is often high, especially in spring and summer. Once the dry wood is put into storage, it will soon return to the tide; The moisture regain wood is not only more troublesome to handle, but also easy to crack

According to some furniture manufacturers, millions of yuan (especially high-end furniture manufacturers such as mahogany furniture) are wasted every year as a result, and the economic losses are very large. However, it can now be used in wood balance room, curing room and warehouse_ G wood drying dehumidifier and Parkoo series high temperature resistant dehumidifier strictly control the air humidity of the wood storage environment to keep it relatively dry; Then, the problem of wood moisture regain will not occur, and the moisture content of wood will always be kept within the appropriate range! All the above news about wood dehumidifiers and dehumidifiers for wood drying are more efficient and energy-saving