May 23,2023

Tea dedicated dehumidifier, tea spreading and withering moisture control machine

Industrial Drying Dehumidifier_High Temperature

Tea dedicated dehumidifier, tea spreading and withering control machine

Technical updates

Spring rain is continuous, nourishing all things, and at the same time, many places have officially announced the extraction of spring tea The key period for picking "Mingqian tea" is from mid March to early April every year

Time varies for tea, and to ensure the quality of the tea, new tea picked must be processed immediately

The processing of general tea leaves is inseparable from the processes of withering, blanching, rolling, and drying:

In various processes, the humid ambient air has a significant impact on the quality of tea leaves

Tea leaves are prone to moisture adsorption, and the air humidity is high, making it difficult to undergo blanching and subsequent drying treatment.

It is necessary to use drying equipment to absorb and dehumidify excess moisture.

The dehumidifier can quickly absorb moisture and dry, continuously and accurately control air humidity.

Create a reasonable humidity environment for the processing, packaging, and storage of tea.

Equipment recommendations

01. Room temperature dehumidifier: high-power moisture absorption drying

Room temperature industrial dehumidifier, which can quickly circulate air,

reduce indoor ambient air humidity, remove moisture from the air.


Achieve the effect of assisting in drying fresh tea leaves

dehumidification drying, quickly improving the drying speed of items

In addition, in the long-term storage of tea,

can reasonably control environmental humidity and continuously ensure the quality of tea