How to reduce the humidity of data center and Server room-

For IT companies, maintaining electronic devices is crucial. The air around electronic devices in the storage space of IT enterprises may directly cause their malfunction. In Server room of IT company...
Household Dehumidifier_221 Series

Household Dehumidifier_221 Series

For IT companies, maintaining electronic devices is crucial. The air around electronic devices in the storage space of IT enterprises may directly cause their malfunction. In Server room of IT company, dehumidifier is very important to maintain correct humidity level

PARKOO Biotech distributes and manufactures Dehumidifier for data centers to ensure that high humidity levels will not cause any damage to equipment, especially water damage

The office of Dehumidifier is usually used to reduce humidity and make the working space more comfortable. PARKOO provides some of the most advanced Dehumidifier for commercial space. The use of Dehumidifier is essential for many offices because they can make them more comfortable and provide a healthy working environment

The work of modern Dehumidifier can be described as the most diligent method to reduce excessive humidity. The air is initially sucked in through the dehumidifier fan and maintained until cooled. It attempts to consolidate uncontrolled dampness from a cool surface. Next, dense air accumulates in effectively removable water accumulation compartments. When it is filled, a sudden regulation occurs, which occurs during the scale transition of miniaturization. PARKOO provides the most advanced Dehumidifier for many large companies all over the country and Server room in many countries around the world

The Dehumidifier in the office space can be very beneficial, and can easily extend the service life of several machines in the office, such as printers, computers and other office equipment. It can also prevent office employees from posing various health hazards, such as severe respiratory problems, allergies, nasal congestion, and skin problems, which may hinder employee performance. The use of Dehumidifier for commercial purposes is of great significance for maintaining offset in typical workplaces and promoting a beneficial life in the workplace

Why does the humidity in the data center and Server room become higher Due to the need for servers to control temperature, the room temperature is usually maintained at around 20 ° C. If we consider the Server room located in the lobby, the temperature of the Server room will remain lower than that of the surrounding lobby. Of course, the Server room will be closed. The temperature in the surrounding area may be around 25 ° C. Once the door of the server room is opened, the humidity in the lobby will be sucked into the server room because the room temperature is relatively low. Humidity is always attracted to rooms with lower temperatures. This also happens if the door of the Server room is not 100% sealed. In this case, moisture gradually enters the server room from the external area through this gap. Therefore, the humidity in cold regions always tends to be higher than in surrounding areas

How does humidity affect the equipment in the Server room? Communication data center machine room Dehumidifier project CF6.8DT

Humidity is the moisture content. In the Server room, there are different hot and cold zones according to the type of instrument. This further exacerbates the problem of moisture distribution. This can cause moisture deposition in electronic components or connectors, which can cause damage over time. Additionally, it can lead to the formation of mold on walls and panels


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