May 29,2023

Fruit Danpi Drying Equipment, Hawthorn Roll Fruit Danpi Drying Machine


There are various dynamic martial arts skills in the drying equipment for fruit and hawthorn peel, and each sect has its own unique secret script. The drying process is also the same, and different manufacturers may provide different drying plans for the same material. Electrical appliances have accumulated a large number of market application cases in various drying fields, and are deeply familiar with the processing methods of different materials! There are thousands of materials, but they never change without their roots

The fruit peel is sour, sweet, and delicious, which helps digestion. It is particularly popular among the elderly and children. It is a fruit with low investment and high profits. Its drying requirements are strict and require multiple temperature adjustments. If traditional drying methods are used, professional personnel are required to monitor it 24 hours a day. Using a fruit peel dryer for drying, the drying process does not require manual supervision, accurately controlling the temperature and humidity in the drying room, improving the quality and drying effect of fruit peel

Traditional fruit peel is mostly made by air drying or electric heating, but as a snack and tourist snack, the demand for fruit peel has increased. The production efficiency of air drying is low, and it is also unable to meet the growing market demand for fruit peel. Electric heating and drying consumes a large amount of electricity, which will increase the cost of fruit peel. Currently, the most energy-efficient and energy-saving PD-45GS hawthorn fruit peel drying machine and the PD series heating, drying, and dehumidification integrated machine have become the drying choice for many fruit peel manufacturers

Equipped with a professionally developed PLC intelligent control system, it can accurately control the temperature and humidity in the drying room, and dry high-quality fruit peel in large quantities to reduce costs. At the same time, the equipment has a high degree of automation and does not require dedicated personnel to supervise. The drying process of fruit peel is all completed by intelligent control, saving a lot of labor costs

Although the market price of hawthorn roll and fruit peel is not very high, the market demand is large, so it is necessary to save costs and improve processing efficiency in processing. At the same time, it is also necessary to respond to national environmental protection requirements. Therefore, many fruit peel processing manufacturers will choose the PD-45GS hawthorn roll fruit peel dryer and the PD series heating, drying, and dehumidification integrated machine for drying hawthorn roll and fruit peel. Improving quality not only improves production efficiency, but also saves labor costs, zero pollution, economy, and environmental protection