June 09,2023

Dehumidifying dryer for underground garage Fast drying machine for underground garage ground

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It is well known that in hot and humid summer, underground garages in the south are relatively wet, and even the water from square ventilation pipes drips down, and the walls are often wet. This situation is not caused by the seepage of basement walls and floors, but the condensation of basement walls and floors

Therefore, as long as the ground in the underground garage is wet, the situation is usually very serious, which brings some trouble to the car owners when they go out to drive. When driving a private car in an underground garage, the ground is too wet and slippery to easily lead to out of control direction, resulting in safety accidents. In addition to the slippery ground, the humid air also causes great damage to car parts

Many community properties said that they had taken measures against this situation. Let the fans of the underground garage operate 24 hours a day. The ground suction machine works from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. According to the humidity meter installed underground, when the air humidity reaches more than 90%, turn on the fan for ventilation and dehumidification. The property also visited various dehumidification equipment and bought new dehumidification machines--_ The dehumidification dryer in the underground garage and PD series intelligent humidity control dehumidifier are used for dehumidification and drying

I. Where is the humidity? Why does the underground garage produce so much condensate? The main reason is that the temperature of the basement is lower than the normal temperature, and the density of the wet and cold air is large and easy to sink. And usually the garage wall does not have the function of air isolation, so the garage condensate load changes with the seasons, especially when the ambient humidity is high in summer, the garage condensate load is large, while the ambient humidity is low in autumn and winter, the garage condensate load is reduced

At the same temperature, the density of wet air is higher than that of dry air, so it will sink. Dew point temperature is the air temperature when the water vapor in the air reaches saturation under a certain atmospheric pressure. In this state, reduce the temperature of the air, and the water vapor in the air will reach the supersaturated state. If the temperature of the wall and ground in the basement is low, the supersaturated water vapor in the air will be separated, and you will also see condensate on the ground and wall

II. How to dehumidify? How to solve the problem of condensate in underground garage

(1) From the view of the completed basement, the fan can be started regularly every day to enhance the air circulation of the underground garage. Open the rolling shutter door of the underground garage to enhance air circulation and remove moisture

(2) For the underground garage that has not been built yet, the ventilation system of the underground garage can be improved and designed. The ventilation system is used for ventilation and dehumidification. It uses outdoor dry air for ventilation, and extracts indoor moisture from the air to the outside to remove the moist moisture

(3) Many communities have prepared to purchase dehumidification dryers for underground garages to deal with the problem of basement humidity, which is also a solution for the basement of many communities.

, Carry out dehumidification

For electrical appliances, dehumidifiers and dryers, the main products for moisture-proof and dehumidification of underground garages and epoxy floor paint construction, can solve the humidity problems encountered in floor construction